Mins 28/11/12

Chairman: Cllr D Hedgley

Jacqueline Watts, Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer
Holly Cottage, Culmington, Ludlow, Shropshire, SY8 2DF (01584) 861 473

Parish Council Meeting
On Wednesday 28th November, 2012, 7.30pm at Diddlebury Village Hall


Prior to the start of the meeting, members of the public were invited to discuss any matters of interest with their councillors.

Mr John Farley informed those in attendance that he was raising money to have revised leaflets printed for the ‘Three castles walk’. He brought to the attention of the meeting a footpath crossing the playing field at Corvedale School. He handed out plans to Councillors and members of the public.

Mr Farley advised the meeting that 2 yrs ago OFSTED expressed concerns to Corvedale School about the existing footpath crossing diagonally through the school playing field and that it should be diverted. A Council Officer had the Right of Way closed. Richard Hughes, the adjoining land owner, agreed unofficially to a path diverted around the school within his field. The Footpath Group erected footpath signs and put in the diversion route, and put in field furniture on the condition that Corvedale School submitted the application for the diversion (£1500). The diversion application submitted to planning was along the boundary of the hypothosised new Community Hall that was not built. Opponents to the Community Hall also opposed the footpath route. To date the diversion order has still not been done. Before doing leaflets, the Footpath Group would like to know if the footpath route goes through or around the school. Corvedale School Governors have said that they have money to put a barrier along the top part of the footpath. Mr Farley advised that the school cannot put a fence up until a footpath is in place, as they would be blocking a Right Of Way. This situation should be remedied in the interest of the community. Can the Parish Council put in efforts to get this expedited.

The Meeting commenced at 7.35pm

Present: Cllr Hedgley (Chairman), Cllr Fowler, Cllr O’Boyle, Cllr Thomas, Cllr Linton,
Cllr Bellamy, Cllr Povall, Cllr Longmore, Cllr Worthington,

In Attendance: 5 x members of the public and the Clerk

1.0 Apologies for Absence: Apologies were accepted from, Cllr Motley (Shropshire

2.0 Declarations of Interest relating to this meeting
Members are requested to declare any Disclosable Pecuniary Interests they may have in matters to be considered at this meeting in accordance with the Localism Act 2011 s32 and The Relevant Authorities (Disclosable Pecuniary Interests) Regulations 2012:
Personal/Prejudicial Interest: Cllr Povall (Agenda item 14.0 Tally Ho, Bouldon) – Cllr Povall is a relative to the objecting land owner.

The Chairman refreshed Councillors on the rules regarding disclosure of interests. If the Parish Council meeting should discuss or raise any matter relating to a Disclosable Pecuniary Interest that a Councillor has recorded on their DPI form, the Councillor cannot talk at all in relation to the matter, not in the Public Involvement Session, nor in full meeting, and must leave the meeting when the item is discussed.

With regard to Personal or Prejudicial interests relating Council matters, in many cases a Councillor may know a planning applicant or person involved with a matter. In some cases, Councillors need to satisfy themselves whether or not the person concerned is a personal friend, in which case they must declare an interest. The distinction being whether or not the applicant is someone a Councillor may phone up and arrange to go out for the evening with, in which case they are a personal friend and a declaration be declared, or is the person someone that a Councillor would not arrange to go out with personally, but may speak to if out socially, in which case no declaration be necessary.

3.0 Public involvement session: (Agenda Items Only) – Those members of the public
in attendance were asked if they wished to comment on any Agenda item – No comments were made.

4.0 Minutes: RESOLVED (unanimous) that the Minutes of the Ordinary meeting of
Diddlebury Parish Council held on Wednesday 24th October 2012 be approved as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.
Proposed: Cllr Thomas
Seconded: Cllr Bellamy

RESOLVED (unanimous) that the Minutes of the extra Ordinary meeting of
Diddlebury Parish Council held on Wednesday 7th November 2012 be approved as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.
Proposed: Cllr Linton
Seconded: Cllr Fowler

5.0 Matters Arising – Updates from the minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Wednesday 24th October 2012 that are not included elsewhere on the agenda.

5.1 (Agenda Item 5.1 ) Website is being developed. Chairman suggested a section could be opened giving information on rural crime with Police Neighbourhood Watch updates.
5.2 (Agenda Item 11.0) Chairman has spoken to Eddie West requesting extension to January 2013 deadline. The extension has been agreed given the amount of work that is taking place in the parish. The January deadline had been set to allow the Place Plan responses to be fed into the LDF Implementation Plan being signed off in April 2013, which contained the Community Infrastructure Priorities (CIL 123 List) for the year ahead. In the case of Diddlebury Parish this is not of huge importance as the original priorities still held good or had been met. It was more important that balanced proposals supported by the data from the PPSG were submitted once completed. This being an annual process, DPC will get a further chance to influence the CIL in 2013/14 regarding monetary support priorities.

5.3 (Agenda Item 12.0) Clerk has spoken to Chris Jackson, Highways, and the secretary to St Peters Church. Chris Jackson is arranging a meeting date with Richard Hughes, Church Warden. A representative from DPC will attend on site meeting also.

6.0 Reports from Members

6.1 Chairman: Put notices out, responded to emails, relayed info from Rural Watch – Green light for UK broadband project, call for planning to boost growth, rural residents face costly budget cuts to communities, market towns and rural communities have slowest broadband. Thanks were given to the Corvedale News for notices regarding the widened footpath on the B4368 and the notice suggesting residents leave lights on in a property if they are going out. The meeting was advised that Bill Longmore is the new Commissioner of Police.
6.2 Cllr Motley, Shropshire Council – submitted a report in her absence, which contained updates/information on the attended Flood meeting at Culmington Village Hall, NFU quarterly meetings, Shropshire has been rated by OFSTED in the bottom 30 amongst local authorities for OFSTED inspection results for primary schools. Cllr Motley is concerned at the funding formula and that it may have a bigger impact on Shropshire schools, Shropshire currently being the fifth lowest funding authority in the country. She reported further on the Arts Council West Midlands Regional board; a new initiative meeting on Carbon reduction and sustainability (Incredible Edible Shropshire) and the LJC meeting held at Diddlebury. After the report Cllr Linton expressed concern over nothing having been done on broadband recently.
6.3 Other members Reports – Cllr Linton attended Flood meeting at Culmington Village Hall. As there was no agenda due to it being a Public meeting he felt that little was achieved. Riparian owners are responsible for keeping watercourses clear. Cllr Linton has written to the Environment Agency asking that all flood maps have a cross section measurement. A further email was sent to David Edwards asking to take this up with the Environment Agency. Cllr Linton felt that DPC should support the email sent. The meeting reported that Much Wenlock had set up a Flood Action Group (FAG). FAG should concentrate on particular watercourses. Westhope are as similarly interested in Seifton Brook as Culmington, as it affects both areas. Mill Stream, Diddlebury, affects Glebe Cottage and that specific part of Diddlebury, whereas Peaton may need their own FAG group for that area. Explore further as an Agenda Item in January 2013. A response had been received from Chris Jackson, Highways, regarding Cllr Linton’s flood enquiries. The response from Highways was that water depth markers could only be used in conjunction with a Ford. Kerb-stones used as water depth indicators, were potentially dangerous during high levels of water as they could be submerged and so create a hazard as cars may hit them. Money has been set-aside to be put in new concrete at the Ford at Bache Mill. Highways are monitoring closely the water at Patch House. Part of the flooding has been a result of obstructions within the stream behind the property. This has been addressed and is being monitored. Parishoners at both ends of flood zones within the parish will be issued with flood signs that can be put out on the road in adverse weather.
Cllr Bellamy – LJC – A Community update was given by the Police. A description of valuables should be kept and be marked with SMART water. West Midland Ambulance Service gave a presentation based on the ambulance service delivery developed in Stafford. This frees up ambulance staff and technicians from having to clean and re-stock ambulances, which results in a quicker turn

around. The meeting talked on where to position ambulances during a 24 hr period. To sum up, the service sounded that the parish would end up with a better service than it has now. West Midlands Ambulance Service were very much in favour of First Responders. The noise pollution at Otterfest was discussed. A presentation was confusing from the Councils public protection team regarding

licensing. Premises licences for Village Halls can have conditions imposed, but should people come along to a Village Hall and want an event Licence, they can do that and then apply  at very short notice. Temp Notice conditions are not as binding as those of a Premises Licence. A Premises Licence has obligations to notify the Public Protection Team and the Police, but this is not extended to Parish Councils. Onus is on applicants to do the notifying. This month Government has de-regulated live music events up to 11pm whereby no licence is required so long as the are fewer than 200 people. As of this month 2 new officers will be on an Out of Hours office team to handle complaints. Residents who experience damage to property after an event should notify the Police and the Licensing Department.

Cllr O’Boyle attended two consultation meetings for the Village Hall. Both were well attended. A questionnaire is being developed and will be delivered to every house in the parish in January 2013. Playground: It has been suggested that the licence be extended for a couple of years. Cllr O’Boyle was not sure if the school had been contacted, or what their response has been. Cllr Linton: Licence Agreement had clause that it could be terminated at a months notice, so there is a let out mechanism. Cllr O’Boyle: Site meeting suggested that group would be formed. O Boyle not aware of one. Cllr Hedgley: This was his understanding and the lead was to come from school and would need clarifying.
Cllr Bellamy: In new Parish Plan there is a need for green space and car parking. Shropshire Council have advised that it is possible to find money for such things and that it could improve Village Hall Committee getting money if they combined both, as it would increase parish benefit.

7.0 Correspondence

7.1 Janet Finney, Co-ordinator of the Stream Group – Request for money to be set aside for incidental expenses in maintaining the stream in Diddlebury village.

Clerk had raised query of ownership/responsibility for maintenance of stream down Mill Lane between where the road crosses the stream to the footbridge. If the maintenance of the stream was that of private owners then the parish Council should not be paying. If the maintenance were that of Shropshire Council, which was likely as it had a road to either side of it, then money should be sought from Shropshire Council. Clerk is currently obtaining clarification from Shropshire Council regarding ownership.
7.2 HM Revenue & Customs – Notification that as of April 2013, PAYE is to be
recorded online each quarter – For information
7.3 Shropshire Hills – 2011/12 Review of Progress and achievements booklet – For information
7.4 Severn Hospice – Request for grant towards work at Severn Hospice and Annual Report for y/e 31/3/11 – Put forward to March meeting 2013
7.5 Shropshire Council – SamDev, Position Statement and Update – For information

7.6 Shropshire Council, Natural Environment Team – Ash Dieback disease – For information
7.7 SALC – Notification of Event regarding affordable housing policy – 14/12/12 and Wednesday 23/1/13 at Shirehall 10am – 12noon – Chairman to attend.

8.0 Cheques Requested – None

9.0 Planning Applications

9.1 12/04659/FUL, Chapel House, Peaton, SY7 9DW – Erection of two-storey side
and rear extension following demolition of existing rear extension. Applicant advised by agent that planners would look at it more favourably if extension had dropped roof. Cllr Linton proposed that meeting approve the plans but recommend that the ridge and gutter line on the existing building be taken through to the new extension. The meeting had no objection but for aesthetic reasons the roof of the new extension continue the line of the existing building.
RESOLVED to support the application
Proposed: Cllr Linton
Seconded: Cllr Longmore

10.0 Finance
10.1 Current Account Balance was £4098.51 as at 14/11/12

11.0 Parish Plan: An update – 8 sections to do, 3 and a half done. Public presentation probably in Feb 2013, to accommodate dates etc in Corvedale News. Data will be presented in graphs and pie charts with neutral comments to draw out what data is about. Proposals will be extrapolated from this.

12.0 Review of Shropshire Councils Speed Management Policy – Members are asked
to submit comment on the consultation. Cllr Linton reported to the meeting that he had read through the ‘Shropshire Council Road Safety Policy Draft for Consultation’ which was being reviewed based on the Department for Transports draft circular “Setting Local Speed Limits”. He had noted that Shropshire Councils Draft did not include the Department of Transports recommendation that “a 30 mph speed limit should be the norm in villages. It may also be appropriate to consider 20 mph zones and limits in built-up village streets”. A proposal was made that this observation be submitted to the consultation requesting that it be included.
Proposal: Cllr Linton
Seconded: Cllr Fowler

The clerk left the room for discussion to take place for Agenda Item 13.0.

13.0 Clerks Annual Review of Employment and Salary
Clerks annual salary to increase to £1700 as of 1st April 2013
Proposed: Cllr Fowler
Seconded: Cllr Longmore

14.0 Tally Ho, Bouldon – Update on previously submitted planning application
The Chairman informed the meeting that the original planning application submitted by Mr Bergius had been withdraw on advice from the Planning Department as the grass verge in question was the responsibility of the Highway Authority. The Chairman spoke to the Planning Department and Highways regarding the current parking arrangements and the conditions due to cars parking on the verge on a regular basis. The Chairman suggested to the meeting that if Highways did want to proceed with an approach from a private individual

then a community led project could be put through by Diddlebury Parish Council. The current conditions were prejudicial to the safety of highway users, putting people off using the public house which was detrimental to core strategies and was an eyesore and very messy. Highways were not against the idea but had concerns that the brook was close to the road at one point and could be dangerous and an asbestos pipe was situated below the verge. The needs of Mr Povall’s access to his field had also to be considered. They did not however see these as insurmountable problems. If the Highways department agreed to a community led initiative by Diddlebury Parish Council to develop a parking area in Bouldon to improve the present facilities, Mr Bergius had offered to contribute to this, including the installation of double gates to Mr Povalls field.

The Chairman proposed exploring the development of the land as a strip for parking, to be funded by a private benefactor.
Proposed: Cllr Hedgley
Seconded: Cllr Longmore

15.0 Maintenance of DPC assets – Notice boards at Westhope Village Hall – A maintenance plan needs to be set up for the assets within the Parish, to include Bus Shelters. Clerk getting clarification from Highways as to responsibility of maintenance. A Risk Assessment and regular maintenance is required of new notice boards and other assets. Put forward to January 2013 meeting.

16.0 Any Other Business (for dissemination of information only)
16.1 Corvedale School Footpath issue for January 2013 Agenda
16.2 Highways & Environment to be regular Agenda heading

17.0 Date of Next Meeting – Wednesday 23rd January 2013, at 7.30pm in Diddlebury Village Hall

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.45pm