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August 28, 2012






27th February 2013

7.30 P.M.


Prior to the meeting members of the public are invited to discuss matters of interest with their Councillors


Minutes 25th July 2012

August 7, 2012

Chairman: Cllr D Hedgley

Jacqueline Watts, Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer
Holly Cottage, Culmington, Ludlow, Shropshire, SY8 2DF (01584) 861 473

Parish Council Meeting
On Wednesday 25th July, 2012, 7.30 pm at Diddlebury Village Hall


Prior to the start of the meeting, members of the public were invited to discuss any matters of interest with their councillors.

The Meeting commenced at 7.30pm

Present: Cllr Hedgley (Chairman), Cllr O’Boyle, Cllr Povall, Cllr Linton, Cllr Longmore
Cllr Worthington, Cllr Thomas

In Attendance: Cllr Motley (Shropshire Council), 3 x members of the public and the Clerk.

1.0 Apologies for Absence: Apologies were accepted from Cllr Fowler, Cllr Bellamy.

2.0 Declarations of Interest relating to this meeting
Members are requested to declare any personal and prejudicial interests they may have in matters to be considered at this meeting in accordance with the terms of the Local Authorities (Model Code of Conduct)(England) Order 2007 issued under Section 51 of the Local Government Act 2000.
a) Declarations of personal interest – None
b) Declarations of prejudicial interest – None

3.0 Public involvement session: (Agenda Items Only) – Those members of the public
in attendance were asked if they wished to comment on any Agenda item – No comments were made.

4.0 Minutes: RESOLVED (unanimous) that the Minutes of the Ordinary meeting of
Diddlebury Parish Council held on Wednesday 27th June 2012 be approved as a correct record and signed by the Chairman, subject to 6.2 to be amended from ‘North to the other side of the A49 up the Grove site’ to ‘North, up the A49 to the Grove site’.
Proposed: Cllr Linton
Seconded: Cllr Worthington

5.0 Matters Arising

5.1 (Agenda Item 5.3) New Place Plan comments have been published on Shropshire Council Website, have been checked, and the information is as was submitted by DPC. Email received by Chairman on Toolkit comment – the Chairman informed the meeting that the Place Plan will be based on the evidence that is returned from the questionnaire.
5.2 (Agenda Item 6.3) Letters have been sent out.
5.3 (Agenda Item 11.0) Chairman spoke to Anson Crouch and Martin Jones, who would like to be kept in the loop. Chair spoke to Charlotte Farrow, Shropshire
Council, who deals with Parish Websites. Meeting will be arranged. Interested people have been emailed. Chairman yet to speak to Dr Tim Hughes.
5.4 (Agenda Item 12.0) A letter has been sent to Diddlebury Village Hall Committee. Shropshire Council has been advised that if broadplace is removed, it would be detrimental to the Parish Council for viewing planning applications online at meetings. The Corvedale News has been successful with the funding application to the LJC and a printer will be purchased.
5.5 (Agenda Item 13.0) Does DPC need to qualify what affordable housing is? Meeting thought not. Draft questionnaire has been circulated – no comments received back from Councillors. Will go on notice boards and be circulated within September issue of the Corvedale News.
5.6 (Agenda Item 14.0) Forms are coming in still. Those that have been returned have been put online on Shropshire Councils website.

6.0 Reports from Members

6.1 Chairman’s Report – The Chairman reported on activities over past month, to include preparing and compiling questionnaire advice sheet, contacting Munslow Parish Council and people interested in supporting the website, put notices up for SAMDev Development meeting, attending DVH meeting in July to discuss parking. 26th July 2012, attending training at Shirehall on Chairmanship skills. Rural Network promoting fairer rural funding – looking to recognise this and come out with new funding formula. Possibly use of red diesel to grit roads.

6.2 Cllr Motley, Shropshire Council –Trading Company (IP&E) – idea is that this will enable trading of different elements within SC to be carried out in outside world within easier environment, in preparation of next cuts, expected in 2014. SC no longer has Chief Executive. The acting CE will be David Taylor, currently the Director of Children’s Services and Social Care.

Fairer Funding proposals have been influenced by work carried out on Rural Services Network, which have proved that rural communities are severely disadvantaged when it comes to money from Government. This will generate an increase in the annual grant.

Cllr Motley reported also on LJC meeting, and DEFRA news. BDUK project is still going through procurement procedure, registered interests have been extended to September.

6.3 Other members Reports

Cllr O’Boyle – Reported on Diddlebury Village Hall meeting.

7.0 Correspondence

7.1 Shropshire Council – Shropshire Parking Consultation 2012 – – Discuss and submission of comments/suggestions by Monday 10th September 2012 – Notice to go on notice boards and in Corvedale News.
7.2 Shropshire Council – Consultation on changes to Planning Policies for Housing – – Discuss and submission of comments/suggestions by
Tuesday 28/8/12 – SC provided Posters at the request of the Chairman, to be displayed on notice boards.
7.3 Shropshire Community Messaging – Quarterly update – (Community Messaging registration: – West Mercia and Warwickshire are sharing information – Chairman relayed information for discussion.
7.4 Shropshire Council – Digital Futures Conference – For information

8.0 Cheques Requested – None

9.0 Planning Applications – None

10.0 Finance – Adjusted current Account Balance £4701.99

11.0 Village Hall Parking/School Playground – representatives of Hereford Diocese, Corvedale School Governors, Corvedale School, Diddlebury Parish Council and Diddlebury Village Hall Committee attended a meeting to discuss the relationship between Diddlebury Village Hall parking and Corvedale School Playground – The current agreement finishes on the 31/8/12. The Village Hall Committee (VHC) wants Corvedale School to look at options regarding the playground, ie if the Village Hall is rebuilt on the existing footprint and the parking issues. The VHC feel Corvedale School needs to be aware of the Village Halls need for car-parking. The meeting had no commitment from any party. As a result, the meeting agreed that it needed a working party to look at options available ie 1. Take the car park off the school and use it as parking for DVH. 2. The adjoining landowner is approached about land for parking or a playground for school use. 3. Where funding for possible alternative car park or playground would come from. Diddlebury Parish Council need to be involved in the process as it has a duty to ensure everything functions. The meeting agreed that a DVH rep,  Dave Hedgley, a School Governor and the new vicar sit on the new committee to investigate options with a suggested 6 –12 month extension agreement temporarily granted to the school. Cllr O’Boyle relayed to Diddlebury Parish Council that DVHC wished to thank the Parish Council Chairman for his input.

12.0 Place Plan – The updated Place Plan was put on the Shropshire Council website 6th July 2012, reflecting the changes DPC had asked to be made in it and will serve its purpose until DPC resubmit a new place plan in January 2013.

13.0 Floods – Discussion on flooding within Parish of Friday 13th July

Bache Mill: The Clerk had received email communication regarding flooding at Bache Mill, that the ford had broken up, a house flooded from the rising brook and off road water.
Mill Lane: Cllr Longmore reported that the width of the road was an issue, along with the existing shallow drainage system,
The Moors: Highways were subject to agricultural catchment and run off water, with pooling of water over-spilling from the B4368 into The Moors.

It was suggested that parishioners at both ends of flood zones have flood signs that can be put out on the road in adverse weather. A central location where sandbags could be stored, covered and replaced annually may be needed.
It was reported to the meeting that Highways will meet on site to discuss matters.
David Edwards, Drainage Engineer, – The meeting was asked, should Flood Forum meeting be approached for monies – mapping areas can be reinforced.
The Chairman suggested that a strategic plan should be made for areas that constantly flood – Ask Highways and EA what can be done on a local basis, ie removal of gravel from below bridge on Mill Lane, clearing of ditches, can run off from farms be addressed?
It was put to the meeting that all flooding should be fed through to Mr Edwards, Drainage Engineer, at the Flood Forum.
Resolved that Chair to liaise with Cllr Linton re Flood Forum. Write to David Edwards and Chris Jackson.

14.0 Any Other Business (for dissemination of information only)

Corvedale News not yet able to report new trustees of Diddlebury Village Hall Committee. Suggested that after annual AGM meeting, trustees are listed in C News,
Cllr Linton gave apologies in advance for August meeting

15.0 Date of Next Meeting – Wednesday 22nd August 2012, at 7.30pm in Diddlebury Village Hall

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.55pm.