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Minutes 27 June 2012

July 20, 2012


Chairman: Cllr D Hedgley


Jacqueline Watts, Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer

Holly Cottage, Culmington, Ludlow, Shropshire, SY8 2DF (01584) 861 473


Parish Council Meeting

On Wednesday 27th June, 2012 at 7.30 pm at Westhope Village Hall




Prior to the start of the meeting, members of the public were invited to discuss any matters of interest with their councillors.

The Meeting commenced at 7.32pm

Present:  Cllr Hedgley (Chairman), Cllr O’Boyle, Cllr Povall, Cllr Linton,Cllr Longmore

Cllr Bellamy, Cllr Worthington,


In Attendance:   Cllr Motley (Shropshire Council),4 x members of the public and the Clerk.


1.0          Apologies for Absence:  Apologies were accepted fromCllrs Fowler and Thomas.


2.0            Declarations of Interest relating to this meeting

Members are requested to declare any personal and prejudicial interests they may have in matters to be considered at this meeting in accordance with the terms of the Local Authorities (Model Code of Conduct)(England) Order 2007 issued under Section 51 of the Local Government Act 2000.

a)              Declarations of personal interest – None

b)             Declarations of prejudicial interest – None

3.0  Public involvement session:  (Agenda Items Only)  – Those members of the public

present were asked if they wished to comment on any Agenda item – No comments were made.

4.0  Minutes:  RESOLVED (unanimous) that the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of

Diddlebury Parish held on Wednesday 23rd May 2012 be approved as a correct record and signed by the Chairman, subject to an amendment on page 22 to be added ‘except in December when there will be no meeting’.

Proposed:  Cllr Linton

Seconded:  Cllr Povall

RESOLVED (unanimous) that the Minutes of the Ordinary meeting of Diddlebury Parish Council held on Wednesday 23rd May 2012 be approved as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.

Proposed:  Cllr Worthington

Seconded:  Cllr Bellamy


5.0  Matters Arising

5.1  (Agenda Item 5.2) Potholes up the side of Diddlebury Village Hall (DVH) had been filled.  Potholes along Mill Lane, located on the edge of the road, had been filled with soil by Highways.  Cllr Motley advised that she had received a complaint from a resident about potholes along Mill Lane.  Resident Peter Drake reported he had spoke to Chris Jackson on Highway, agreeing that although he potholes filled with soil were on the grass verge, this was no good as cars were pulling off the road.  A drain is required, according to Highways, but no money available.  Clerk to speak with Chris Jackson.

5.2  (Agenda 5.4)  Place Plan still not out, and continues to cause problems with people referring to old version.  Chairman corresponding with concerned residents.

5.3  (Agenda 5.5) PPSG Steering Group questionnaire – Chairman upset that he has received emails insinuating that Diddlebury Parish Council (DPC) are trying to influence PPSG over housing.  DPC being as open as possible.  Concerns are that the PPSG questionnaire is not independent as DPC are seen to be making amendments to questions.  DPC needs for the questionnaire to provide the information that helps DPC to make an informed decision for the Place Plan.  Cllr Bellamy assured DPC that the PPSG are working independently, and had received comments from all group areas, some had been accepted and some rejected.  It was commented that the PPSG remit is given to them by DPC, therefore, it is in order for DPC to comment on its activities but not to badger them to come to a conclusion.  It was agreed that the PPSG had a separate role but needed a close working relationship with DPC from whom it was tasked.  Chairman had reservations that the questionnaire had to have all information for residents to make an informed decision.  With the history of the parish, the PPSG was operating away from DPC so that with issues of housing etc, DPC was not steering the PPSG, so the questionnaire needed to be balanced to assist DPC.  Cllr Motley commented that Shropshire Council (SC) had been accused of fiddling the results of the ‘Toolkit’ meeting.  Cllr Motley informed DPC that if SC had wanted to manipulate the process they would not have set the Core Strategy in the way they did, they would have done it the old way, in which the District Council would decide where appropriate housing would go and it would have as good as been imposed.  The Unitary Authority (UA) is leaving the requirements of PCs to themselves.  The PPSG and DPC is mindful at all times that it is not just dealing with Diddlebury, but a large area around which is part of the Parish which requires as much of a hearing as Diddlebury Village itself.  It was reported that all issues put to Cllr Motley to date have come from Diddlebury Village.  The PPSG Questionnaire takes in account the needs of all areas of the Parish.  A member of the PPSG assured Cllr Motley that all areas of the Parish were being taken into account.  DPC Chairman said that both the PPSG and DPC were working very hard to ensure it was balanced.  The PPSG representative said they were working hard to make sure questions were not biased or leading. The questionnaire needs to come back with information that will assist DPC to take action without being leading.

6.0  Reports from Members

6.1  Chairman’s Report – The Chairman reported that over the past month local thefts have been taking place ie manhole covers, the Chairman’s Annual Report was re drafted and put in the Corvedale News, enquiries from the notice regarding a parish website had been followed up.  The Chairman had also been dealing with

Parking at the Tally Ho, he had sent a letter to the Shropshire Star as they had stopped delivering papers locally, asking them to reinstate delivery, but had as yet received no reply, attended a SAMDev meeting in Craven Arms, worked on the Parish Asset Register and investigated the lopping down of trees at Peaton Lodge, whereby the resident made assurances that they were not in a conservation area.

6.2 Cllr Motley, Shropshire Council – SAMDev Place Plan meeting was cancelled as water had leaked into the reception area of Craven Arms Community Centre (CACC).  Another date has been set for 12th July 2012 at CACC 2-5pm to look at proposals for SAMDev.  These are parcels of land that potential developers have put forward for potential development.  CA is designated for a lot of housing.  Some sites have already been designated.  Development  is likely to be West and North of the town.  One proposal has been for the abattoir on Corvedale Road, Craven Arms, moving North up the A49 to the Grove site, which has upset Wistanstow and Sibdon Carwood Parishes. Corvedale Parishes are firmly designated as Open Countryside, including Diddlebury, which has been confirmed in writing by Cllr Motley to the Planning Officer.  The SAMDeV event will probably revolve around Craven Arms Town and not the Parishes, but Cllr Motley will be attending to represent Parishes in the Corvedale.

Still time to register interest to improve rural broadband as date has been extended.

6.3  Other members Reports

Cllr Linton reported that the The Corvedale Diamond Jubilee went off as planned despite the weather and Westhope Diamond Jubilee was well attended also.

A letter to be sent to Westhope Village Hall congratulating them on the success of their event.

Proposed:  Cllr O’Boyle

Seconded:  Cllr Povall

A letter of congratulations also be sent to  HAnson Crouch,  Millichope Estate and Munslow WI.

Proposed: Cllr Linton

Seconded:  Cllr Worthington

Cllr Worthington – The Buzzard are looking at changing the vehicle to a small one, from 14 seats down to 8 seats, and by doing so, will not require a D1 qualification to drive it, an MOT every 10 weeks and will incur a  cheaper insurance.  The Buzzard are desperate for drivers as 3 are retiring.  The questions was raised, should they downsize, will this effect Community Grants?  If anyone interested, the contact is Buster Evans.

Cllr O’Boyle – The DVH issue of the car-park is still to be resolved.  A meeting is taking place with the Governors of the school on the 10th July 2012.  The issue is that the license of the car-park/school playground finishes in September 2012.  It is important that arrangements are resolved.

7.0  Correspondence

7.1  Shropshire Council – Community Tree Scheme 2012/13 – opening Monday 2nd July 2012 – For information

7.2  Shropshire Council – Consultation of Site Allocations and Management of Development Document – Letter was read out to the meeting for information.

7.3  Shropshire RCC – Tackling Fuel Poverty in Shropshire conference – Friday 8th September 2012, 9am to 1pm, Craven Arms Community Centre

7.4  Mr A Crouch, Munslow – Communication regarding Web Site

7.5  Munslow Parish Council – Communication regarding Corvedale Websites

8.0            Cheques Requested

8.1            Diddlebury Village Hall – Hire of room 12/5/12 £12.00

8.2            J Watts – (Clerk Salary:  April, May, June) £240.00

8.3            HMIT – (PAYE: April, May, June) £60.00

Proposed:   Cllr Linton

Seconded: Cllr Worthington

9.0       Planning Applications

12/02553/FUL Lydehole Farm, Haytons Bent, Ludlow, SY8 2BB – Erection of

extension to dwelling

Proposed:  Cllr Linton

Seconded:  Cllr Worthing

(RESOLVED to SUPPORT the application)

10.0            Finance

10.1            Current Account Balance £5013.99

10.2            Mazars Audit – Members are asked to approve the external audit figures

Proposed: Cllr Bellamy

Seconded:  Cllr Worthington

10.3            Mazars Audit – Members are asked to complete the Annual Governance Statement for the y/e 31/3/12

10.4            PAYE – P14 and P35 – Figures have been submitted to HMRC for the financial year 2011/12 and checked by Financial Auditor

10.5            Signatories – An update of signatories was put forward to the meeting for approval.  Current signatories are Cllr Povall and Cllr Thomas and require to be updated to the Chairman, Cllr Hedgley and the Vice Chairman, Cllr Fowler with one other Councillor, Cllr Thomas.

Proposed:  Cllr Linton

Seconded:  Cllr Bellamy

10.6            The feedback form to the LJC for the £100 grant received toward the Diamond Jubilee celebrations had been returned in accordance to the grant conditions.

11.0        Parish Website – The advert placed in the Corvedale News raised one volunteer to assist with setting up the Website.  Sarah has offered to help and Tony Bennett may be willing to assist depending on his brief.  Allison Brock has put the Chairman in touch with someone to assist with the setting up of the site.  The advert also prompted two items of correspondence, one from Anson Crouch, Munslow Parish requesting that the Corvedale site be revamped rather than a new site being set up.  The second from Munslow PC, supporting Mr Crouch’s concerns.  Cllr O’Boyle suggested inviting someone from Munslow in setting up a website.  The Chairman will go back to SC to establish how the site can be developed.  The meeting agreed to pursue the development of a site through including Munslow and Beambridge.  The Chairman informed the meeting he had emailed people involved saying he has spoken to SC, and as soon as he can fix a meeting with them a meeting will be arranged.  Chairman will speak to Anson Crouch and Dr Tim Hughes.


12.0        Broadplace – Members were asked to consider paying £400 per annum to cover the costs of the broadplace facility in Diddlebury Parish if funding was not to continue from Shropshire council.  Cllr Linton thought that DPC should not pay £400 as the facility is only used for Corvedale News.  C/News has applied for grant from LJC for printer.  Cllr O’Boyle suggested that if DPC are not prepared to pay £400 that the Parish are made aware.  PPSG includes a question relating to this

RESOLVED that DPC say no to DVH committee as it was not willing to support. Letter to Flavia Humphryes SC – DPC believe you have asked DVHC if we wish to pay £400.  If facility is removed it will compromise DPC ability to view planning applications online.

13.0        PPSG Questionnaire for Parish Plan – Prior to the meeting the PPSG provided a draft questionnaire which was circulated to Councillors for their consideration in readiness for the meeting.  Three Councillors and Sarah Roberts from Shropshire Rural Community Council (SRCC) responded to the questionnaire.  Taking into account feedback, the PPSG agreed that the Questionnaire would not be put out until September as summer holiday period is not the best time. In the Housing Section it was agreed that keeping the questions regarding development in terms of each individual settlement was appropriate, as this would give an indication of the total for the parish, whilst allowing each settlement to maintain it’s self determination.  It was agreed that the PPSG would support an article written by the Parish Council for the Corvedale News, explaining the latest understanding on hinterland, hubs and clusters and the implications for housing choices in the parish.  It would be helpful for the PPSG to see a preview of any article.

Questionnaire data will be available by the end of October 2012.  Demographic data will also need to be considered.  DPC need data to submit in November for Place Plan and SAMDev recommendations if appropriate, so extraordinary meeting may be necessary in early November when the PPSG can present data, then a public meeting the week before the DPC November meeting for decision.

14.0        Code of Conduct – Prior to the meeting members were provided with a copy of the proposed Code of Conduct, and a form requesting information on Disclosable Pecuniary Interests.

RESOLVED (Unanimous) to adopt the Code of Conduct effective from 1st July 2012

Proposed:  Cllr Povall

Seconded:  Cllr Worthington

The meeting agreed to submit notification of the adoption of the Code of Conduct to Shropshire Councils for inclusion in an advert in the Shropshire Star.

Members were requested to submit completed ‘Disclosable Pecuniary Interest’ forms to the Clerk.

15.0        Asset Register – A draft Asset Register was submitted to the meeting for comment.  Ongoing.

16.0        First Responders Scheme – Members were asked to consider setting up a scheme with neighbouring parishes.  The Clerk relayed to the meeting that Culmington Parish Council were making inquiries into how First Responders groups work with a view to having volunteer First Responders to cover the area from Stanton Lacy, Culmington through to Diddlebury and Munslow, and if DPC were interested in attending an initial meeting to find out more information.  The meeting agreed that they would be interested in finding out more information.

17.0        Any Other Business (for dissemination of information only) – NONE

13.0     Date of Next Meeting –Wednesday 25th July, 2012 at 7.30pm in Diddlebury Village Hall.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.25pm.