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Minutes 7/12/2011

January 27, 2012

Chairman: Cllr D Hedgley

Jacqueline Watts, Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer
Holly Cottage, Culmington, Ludlow, Shropshire, SY8 2DF (01584) 861 473

Extra-ordinary Parish Council Meeting
On Wednesday 7th December, 2011 at Diddlebury Village Hall


The Meeting commenced at 7.35 pm

Present: Cllr Hedgeley (Chair), Cllr Fowler (Vice Chair), Cllr Povall, Cllr Thomas, Cllr
Bellamy, Cllr O’Boyle, Cllr Linton, Cllr Worthington.

In Attendance: 1 member of the public

1.0 Apologies for Absence: Cllr Motley (Shropshire Council)

2.0 Planning Applications:

2.1 11/04889/FUL – Milford House, Diddlebury, Craven Arms, Shropshire, SY7 9EL. Proposal: Erection of a pitched roof barn and installation of solar panels (part retrospective).

The applicant, Mr Smythe, attended the meeting. Cllr Hedgeley reported that he had carried out a site visit and had discussed the application with Matthew Farmer, Principal Planning Enforcement Officer and Dianne Humphreys, Principal Planner, both of Shropshire Council.

The original planning application had been submitted in 2008 for the relocation of a clad sheet Dutch barn with a dome roof.

The barn had since been relocated, but had been constructed with materials different to those approved on the 2008 application. Furthermore, the approved dome roof had been replaced with that of a pitch roof, and the first floor had been extended to the full length of the building, contrary to the approved planning application.

As a result of a site visit from the Planning Enforcement Officer, Mr Smythe had voluntarily ceased work on site. Mr Smythe told the meeting that he had been confused about what had been approved. It was suggested that the applicant should have checked with the Planning Office if this had been the case. The Chairman reminded the meeting how important it is that Councillors are the eyes and ears of the authority once applications had been passed.

Upon advice from Mr Farmer, Planning Officer, Mr Smythe had submitted a planning application, as near to the original 2008 planning application as possible,


for a change of use of materials from black corrugated tin to tanalised timber, and a pitched roof to accommodate solar panels.

The location of the barn had been approved through application 08/20907/F.

A vote was cast for the Planning Application as it stands:

Support: 3 votes
Against: 3 votes
Abstentions: 2 votes

Chairman had casting vote in favour of planning application as it stands.

RESOLVED: To support the application. (NB: In favour of tanalised timber as oppose to corrugated iron).

2.2 11/05522/HRM – Pyebrook Farm Little Sutton, Stanton Lacy, SY8 2AJ. Proposal: To remove 1616m of hedgerow to make fields easier for modern farm equipment to be used.

Discussion took place regarding the application and the age of the hedgerows in question. Cllr Linton was able to provide an extract from Plans from 1953, showing a different field layout to that on Google Earth. One hedge was, in the opinion of the council, less than 30 years old.

It was suggested that some of the hedges in question were planted with grant money, through a Farm Scheme, therefore, there may have been restrictions applicable from the original grants.

Hedges contribute enormously to the natural environment, and it was suggested that Government had been against the removal of hedgerows. More emphasis is now on conservation of the environment and habitat.

It was suggested that the removal of hedgerows may affect the run off of water. The visual effect of the removal of hedgerows has to be considered along with wildlife corridors and conservation.

The Chairman informed the meeting that due to the planning application being discussed this evening, there had been insufficient time to contact the applicant. Mr Purce, Planning Officer, was to be in receipt of the Council’s decision by 23rd January 2012.

Support: None
Against: 5
Abstentions 3
(RESOLVED to not support the application) – Remarks: Visual evidence from past maps, does indicate that some hedges are less than 30 years, however, we still feel that in the spirit of conservation today that the age of the hedge should not be a consideration. Mention was made of trees being planted in lieu of hedges, but none indicated on the plan.


3.0 Revised Agenda Format and meeting start time:

The January 2012 meeting has already advertised in Corvedale News as starting at 7.30pm. Meeting dates/times to be agreed at next AGM meeting. The revised agenda layout is to be used with immediate effect.

4.0 Any Other Business (For dissemination of information only)

4.1 Tally Ho: Agreed planning application showed waste to go to GRP bottle type septic tank. A Kargester unit is accepted by the Environment Agency, as waste can go directly into a soak away or directly into a water course. The use of the Way Leave is not the remit of the Parish Council.

5.0 Date of Next Meeting: 7.30pm Wednesday 25th January 2012

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.40 pm.