Minutes 23/11/2011

A meeting of the Parish Council was held Wednesday 23rd November 2011 at 7.30pm in Diddlebury Village Hall.

Present: Cllr Hedgeley (Chair), Cllr Fowler (Vice Chair), Cllr Povall, Cllr Thomas, Cllr Bellamy, Cllr O’Boyle, Cllr Linton, Cllr Worthington

In Attendance: Cllr Motley (Shropshire Council), 4 members of the public

Before commencement of the meeting, Personal declarations were made by:
Cllr Povall: Agenda Item 9.4 (Applicant is a relative).
Cllr Worthington: Agenda Item 13.1 (Diddlebury Village Hall Committee)

1.0 Apologies for Absence: Cllr Longmore,

2.0 Appointment of New Clerk: Appointment of Mrs Jacqueline Watts as
Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer to Diddlebury Parish Council.
Proposed: Cllr D Hedgley, Seconded: Cllr Linton (Unanimous)

3.0 Minutes: RESOLVED (unanimous) that the Minutes of the Parish Council meeting of Diddlebury Parish Council held on 26th October, 2011 be approved as a correct record and signed by the Chairman, subject to amendment of paragraph 2: numbers of laptops amended from 4 to 7, and reference to Mr O’Boyle be amended to Cllr O’Boyle in paragraphs 26, 29 and 31.

4.0 Matters Arising

4.1 Notice Boards: The Chairman has spoken to Downs Timber and is awaiting a quotation for 3 replacement notice boards.
4.2 Parish Toolkit event: The event at Diddlebury Village Hall on 29/10/11was reported as having gone well, with good comments received regarding the Parish plan.
4.3 Solar Panels: Peter Walker, Planning Officer, Shropshire Council, responded to DPC enquiry with details on planning permission requirements on solar panels. The response was relayed to the meeting.

4.4 Winter Service Policy Statement 2011/12: In response to questions raised at the October 2011 meeting on the Winter Service Policy, the statement for 2011/12 was presented at the meeting, with general discussion about the contents.

4.5 Interest bearing accounts: A general enquiry was made through ALC on how other Parish Councils treated unallocated account balances. Responses from other Parish Councils were discussed. Clerk to investigate Ethical Business Policies.
4.6 AONB: An invitation has been sent to Mr Glynn Barret to attend the January 2012 meeting, which has been accepted. Date and time to be firmed up nearer the meeting.

5.0 Any Matters proposed by members and accepted by the Chairman for
consideration under item 15 below: Two items were accepted.

6.0 Unitary Council Report:
6.1 Cllr Motley will be meeting with Ian Kilby, Head of Development Mgt Team to discuss electronic planning applications and will be reporting back to DPC. Cllr Linton reported that in instances where Reserved Matters are brought up some years later, the online planning system does not provide information on the original application. Cllr Motley will raise this point at the meeting.
6.2 Inspector Rob Thomas, who has recently taken over from Inspector Dunn, attended the LJC meeting, and is well aware of problems on the B4368 and anti social behaviour issues in Craven Arms.
6.3 Cardboard Green Waste – Alterations will not come forward until Spring 2012. Groups such as Guides, Brownies, schools who collect cardboard, can achieve £50 per ton. Cllr O’Boyle will make enquiries about a local cardboard bank.
6.4 Severn Trent works on the B4368: Cllr Motley reported that she had been assured
by the Highways Department that Severn Trent works have been completed and there is no intention of doing anything further works.

7.0 Chairman’s Update:
7.1 The Chairman reported briefly that during the past month he had attended a Culmington PC meeting, a Place Plan meeting, worked on incoming emails on current issues and consulting with Clerk.

8.0 Finance:
8.1 Mazars LLP – Fee for conclusion of Financial Audit to y/e 31/3/2011: £60
Prop: Cllr Povall, Seconded: Cllr Worthington
8.2 Notice of conclusion of the audit and right to inspect the annual Return for the y/e 31/3/2011. Scanned Audit to go onto corvedale.com, Notice to be displayed on village Notice Board.
8.3 Diddlebury Parish Stream Group – Request for £40.00 towards work on Stream. Proposed: Cllr Bellamy Seconded: Cllr Worthington
8.4 Diddlebury Village Hall – Rent for the 3 months (August, October, November 2011) £36.00. Prop: Cllr Bellamy Seconded: Cllr Fowler
8.5 Diddlebury Parish Council current a/c balance as at 14/11/11 £7047.13.

9 Planning Applications:
9.1 11/04649/FUL: Middle Westhope Farm – Erection of two storey extension; new
detached garage and store, formation of new vehicular entrance and driveway.
Mr Manley attended the meeting and explained that 12 months ago a Planning Application was submitted and approved for holiday let accommodation for 3 years. Mr and Mrs Manley have last holiday let in April/May 2012, and will then be moving in on a residential basis.
(Unanimous decision to support application)

9.2 11/04776/REM: Hillend Farm, Westhope – Reserved matters pursuant to outline
permission ref 08/21080/0 (24/10/08) for erection of one agricultural workers dwelling to include access, appearance, landscaping, layout and scale.
(Unanimous decision to support application on the condition that it complies with original outline planning permission)

9.3 11/05014/TCA – Felling of Alder Tree, Diddlebrook Barn, Mill Lane, Diddlebury
(Unanimous decision to support removal of tree)

9.4 11/04948/FUL – Corfton Farm, Corfton – Installation of roof mounted solar
photovoltaic systems on agricultural buildings.
(Unanimous decision to support application)

9.5 11/04761 – Shepherds Barn, Corfton – Certificate for change of use to domestic garden. For information only.

9.6 Milford Lodge, Diddlebury – All building works have been put on hold.
Planning application is yet to be received by Diddlebury Parish Council. Ongoing.

9.7 11/04304/FUL Little Sutton Farm, Little Sutton, Stanton Lacy, Ludlow.  Permission granted – For information only.

9.8  11/03047/FUL – Land at SO 485 860, Corfton, Shropshire – Erection of an agricultural building for general storage and livestock use – Withdrawn – For information only.

10 Environment & Highways

Bache Mill, Diddlebury: A letter was received from Shropshire Council regarding the widening of the Bache Mill Bridge, Diddlebury. The correspondence suggested the removal of the back wall of the bridge at its most narrow end, to be replaced with wooden rails. It was suggested that these works be put in the budget for 2012. The meeting discussed the situation. It was reported that 11 primary school children currently walk to school using the said bridge, in addition to children walking to the bus stop for Ludlow schools. The meeting resolved to write to SC, welcoming the initial proposal and expressing concerns about time issues. Additionally, suggest the works are given priority as emergency work and request early estimate of costs so that consideration can be given to other sources of funding ie LJC. Corvedale School have indicated that they are happy to submit letter in support.

11 Broad Place: Provision of Laptops –The meeting were advised that the existing
contract for the 7 laptops at the Village Hall was made between between SC and the Village Hall Committee, and is that the laptops remain on the Village Hall premises. Any decision relating to the laptops should be between the Village Hall Committee and the Sun Inn, and not Diddlebury Parish Council. Cllr Hedgley enquired with Cllr Motley if SC had a surplus of laptops, and if so, would SC be in favour of supplying surplus laptops funding.

Cllr Motley reported that she had established that Shropshire Council are agreeable for Diddlebury Parish to have 2 further laptops that can be used at The Sun Inn, Corfton. The public house is too far from Diddlebury Village Hall to be supported by the same Broadband Connection, so would have to have its own connection. SC suggested that DPC finance the initial connection with funding through LJC. SC suggested that conditions be set for who is going to make use of the laptops.

There was no representation at meeting in relation to this Agenda Item. Cllr Fowler suggested that if DPC applied for funding from LJC, a policy should be implemented to the use of the laptops, and access password controlled, as with the current Broadplace system. Options were discussed:

Option 1: 2 x laptops from SC with no connectivity to PC, the agreement just between SC and The Sun Inn. It was agreed that in this scenario, SC would be unlikely to provide laptops unless DPC were involved with control measures implemented.

Option 2: Cllr O’Boyle suggested that DPC accept 2 x laptops on offer from SC, and that they be installed into The Sun Inn as soon as possible on a trial period.

Option 3: Cllr Motley had offered 2 x laptops on behalf of SC on a Broadplace basis with public money funding. What would be the cost of extending Broadplace to The Sun?
(Against: 1, Abstained: 3, Area worth exploring as extension to Broadplace: 3)

Proposed by Cllr Hedgley to explore the placement of 2 laptops over and above the Village Hall laptops, through SC broadplace into The Sun Inn. Enquiries to be made with the Village Hall to establish the amount of laptop usage. Ask SC about levels of security and cost. Enquire about obtaining variance between pub and broad place at Aston on Clun.
Seconded: Cllr Thomas
All in favour: 5
Abstained: 3

12 Place Plan/Partnership Working

Place Plan: The information currently contained in the Place Plan goes back to 2004.
Cllrs Hedgley , Bellamy and O’Boyle prepared prior to the PC meeting a Place Plan review, based on work carried out by the Parish Plan Steering Group and an update of actual events. A copy of the Place Plan Review was sent to councillors prior to the PC meeting.
The alterations were accepted and it was agreed that the Parish Council ask SC that there should be only one Place Plan online, that being the Parish Plan that states “Diddlebury is for present a rural hinterland”. The review was agreed. Cllr Hedgley to email to Hayley Deighton.

Cllr Motley to enquire with Shropshire Council about online 2011/12 Place Plan. Pages do not have ‘last updated’ at base of page and as such 2 versions are at present on view with no indication of which is the more recent.

Partnership Working: Delivering Local Priorities through Partnership working – Agenda for annual community consultation. The provisionally completed form was discussed at the meeting and agreed in readiness for submission to Hayley Deighton, Shropshire Council by 1st January 2012. It was resolved 5/2 to omit the word ‘rural’ from ‘Local Vision’ (1.0). These forms are now to form part of an annual consultation on Parish Place Plans.

13 Other Reports
13.1 Diddlebury Village Hall: Cllr O’Boye was elected as Diddlebury Parish
Council representative. Proposed: Cllr Bellamy. Seconded: Cllr Thomas.

13.2 Diddlebury Charities Group: Cllr Worthington was elected as Diddlebury Parish Council representative. Proposed: Cllr Fowler. Seconded: Cllr Hedgley.

13.3 Cllr Bellamy reported on the LJC meeting held 16/11/11. There were presentations from Shropshire Council on the new Planning Policy, housing implications and sustainability. Over the next 10-15 years it is anticipated that 24,000 newly built houses will be needed, 35% of which have been allocated to rural areas. These will not be allocated unless wanted locally.
SC are aiming to reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere by 2014. To assist in the reduction of carbon, SC are creating grants to replace/upgrade heating systems/boilers/pumps in Leisure Centres, schools etc

13.4 Cllr Bellamy reported on the Parish Plan Steering Group (PPSG) – The LJC have allocated grant of £1990.00 towards £2500 target. The PPSG are using Corvedale News to contact communities outside Diddlebury village to ascertain views on what might improve the quality of living in the area, in addition to contacting organisations to ask for questions for the survey.

13.5 Cllr Linton reported on the Flood Forum meeting on 15/11/2011. Surveys on flooded properties continue.

14 Correspondence
14.1 Shropshire Council – Communication Consultation – To be completed by chair.
14.2 Corvedale.com – Comments being made on website – Defer to January 2012 meeting.
14.3 Pink Skips Waste Management – Siting of pink skip – For information
14.4 Westhope College – Request for letter of support for funding application to Rural Challenge Capital Fund, for renewal of heating system at Westhope College – Resolved that letter of support should be sent.

15 Items accepted by the Chairman under 5 above
15.1 A meeting is to take place at Coseley House, Munslow, on the 18/1/12 to discuss the Corvedale’s Jubilee celebrations. It was suggested by Cllr Linton that a representative of Diddlebury Parish Council and of Diddlebury Village Hall Committee attend.
15.2 Tally Ho, Bouldon – It was reported to the meeting that plans had been passed for toilets, when there is nowhere for water to go. Parish Council agreed that this was a private matter between the owner of the Tally Ho and the owner of the adjoining land.

16 Date of Next Meeting: 7.30pm Wednesday 25th January 2012

There being no further business the meeting closed at 10.05pm.