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Minutes 26/10/2011

November 7, 2011


A meeting of the parish council was held on Wednesday 26 October 2011 at Diddlebury Village Hall.
Present: Councillors Hedgley, Bellamy, Mrs Fowler, Linton, Longmore, Povall, Thomas and five members of the public. Apologies had been received from Councillor Mrs Worthington and Shropshire Councillor Mrs Motley.
There were no declarations of interest.
In the public forum the Chairman outlined what would happen at the Toolkit event on
29 October.
Work is still continuing intermittently on the B4368 near Seifton. The clerk was asked to contact Mrs Motley about this (AP – clerk).
The draft Craven Arms Place Plan (which includes references to the Diddlebury parish plan of 2004) is still on the Shropshire Council website. The Chairman explained that SC had already been asked to remove this and further attempts will be made. If this fails then the parish council will consider the matter further.

New Member
1 Following the resignation of Mrs Husband a by-election had been held on 13 October to fill the vacancy. Mr T O’Boyle had been elected and he signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office in the presence of the clerk. He was welcomed to the council by the Chairman and other members.

Minutes of the previous meeting
2 Draft minutes of the previous meeting had already been circulated. In the first “public forum” paragraph the first sentence should read:” In the public forum Mr Norman Pearce asked the council to support a proposal for two of the seven laptops…” : in para 19, third bullet point, ”Police” should read “Local”. Subject to these amendments the draft minutes were approved as being correct and were signed by the Chairman.

Matters arising
3 Para 2 (AONB): the clerk had provisionally arranged for Mr Glynn Barrett to come to talk at the next Ordinary meeting. It was decided, however, that it would be better if this talk were postponed until the January 2012 meeting. The clerk will make necessary arrangements (AP – clerk); (Planning procedures): Shropshire Council planning had replied to say that they were happy with current procedures. As all of the evidence was anecdotal Members decided there was little that could be done other than to monitor the situation ; para 19 (Boundary Commission): Munslow parish council wished to be associated with Diddlebury’s views and the clerk would write on behalf of both councils (AP – clerk); para 20( Notice Boards): the clerk had found a number of firms specialising in the manufacture of notice boards and gave a copy of the details to the Chairman; para 21( display case at Diddlebury Village Hall): it is understood that this was put in place in 2000 but the clerk has been unable to locate a key; para 24 (Rural Watch): Councillor Longmore said he had not managed to meet PC Morgan but Mr Barry Cooper would be in touch with him soon.

Unitary Council Report
4 Mrs Motley had sent an email report to the clerk.
5 SC had agreed to invest in replacing oil fired boilers in schools with wood chip boilers.
6 The first phase of the SAMDev has gone through the Cabinet. So far 26 villages have opted to become hubs and there are 29 clusters.
7 The Community Infrastructure Levy scheme for Shropshire has been approved although she (Mrs Motley) has severe reservations about it. In any case the whole scheme is dependent on the passage of the Localism Bill.

Chairman’s update
8 The Chairman formally reported the result of the recent by-election.
9 He had dealt with numerous emails relating to SAMDev.
10 At the next meeting there would be a discussion about the location of laptops (see minutes of meeting for 28 September – public forum). He expected this would take some time and asked that a notice be posted before the formal agenda went up informing members of the public about this.
11 The Toolkit event on Saturday 29 October would be attended by members of the Parish Plan Steering Group and the parish council.
12 This was the last meeting at which the current clerk would be officiating. He thanked Mr Martin Jones for his work over the past 5½ years. Mrs Jacki Watts would be taking over as clerk and responsible financial officer at the end of the month.

13 The balance at the bank as at 14 October was £7,643.09 (adjusted balance £7,504.03).
14 Members approved payment of the clerk’s salary of £373.33 and expenses amounting to £83.57, both up to 31 October 2011.
15 In answer to a question the clerk said he understood that SC would not invoice the parish council for the cost of the recent by-election until the next financial year.

16 No objections were raised to proposals to install solar pv panels at Little Sutton Farm (11/04304/FUL) and to extend the time limit on the existing quarry at Coppice Barn, Pinstones (11/04502/MAW).
17 Members asked the clerk to find out under what circumstances it was necessary to obtain planning permission for the installation of solar panels as there have been a number of such installations recently and (so far as is known) no applications for permission have been made (AP –clerk).
18 Consent has been given for the erection of a cattle shed/store at Redbrick Barn, Corfton (part retrospective) (11/03526/FUL).

Environment and Highways
19 There was a discussion about SC’s plans for keeping roads clear in the winter and whether it was appropriate to have a Snow Warden, bearing in mind how conditions would vary across the parish. The clerk will find out what the position is (AP – clerk).
20 Councillor Linton had, by chance, met Chris Jackson and a bridge engineer on the B4368 at Bache Mill. The engineer had considered the cost of providing an additional pedestrian bridge would be prohibitive (see minutes for June 2011 – public forum). However, it might be possible to widen the pavement at its narrowest point by demolishing part of the parapet wall and replacing it with a metal barrier fixed on the outside of the bridge. It might also be necessary to move a milestone. The engineer will write to the parish council about this.
21 Members commented that some of the vegetation which was obstructing the pavement had already been cleared away.
22 It was thought likely that funding would prove to be a problem: if so, it would be worth approaching the Safe Walk to School scheme and the Local Joint Committee.

Other Reports
23 Councillor Bellamy brought members up to date with progress on the PPSG questionnaire. It would focus especially on issues where there are known to be differences of opinion. There would be an attempt to identify the settlements where respondents lived. It was hoped that questionnaires could be hand-delivered although it might be necessary to post some to more remote dwellings. The questionnaires would be returned to Shropshire Community Council.
24 Consideration would be given to consulting organisations as well as individual households. There would also be special consultation with young people, perhaps through the Youth Forum.

25 The following correspondence has been received:
• A letter from SC about various matters, including an update on the review of the Parish Charter
• Information about the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Beacons
• Notification that cardboard would no longer be acceptable in green wheelie bins
• An email from Much Wenlock and Cressage Patients’ Voice
• An email from the Community Council of Shropshire about bulk-buying of oil. This had already been considered by Munslow parish council who had asked the CCS if it would like to place a short article in the Corvedale News
• Information that a survey of housing stock has just started in Shropshire
• An invitation to the Association of Local Council’s AGM on 5 November
• The annual report of Stretton Climate Care
• An invitation to the AGM of the Shropshire Housing Alliance

Other matters
26 Councillor O’Boyle wished to thank the electors of Diddlebury for their support which, he felt, gave him a mandate for the policies he had put forward. He was appreciative of the warm welcome he had received from the council.
27 He asked whether the procedure whereby papers relating to planning applications could be displayed a few minutes before the meeting could be reinstated (see minutes for 23 February 2011 at para 8). The clerk said this would be done.
28 He asked whether agendas could include hyperlinks to the SC website for planning applications so that members could study them before the meeting. The clerk said this would be done.
29 Councillor O’Boyle also wanted to congratulate SC on their speedy removal of fly-tipped material at Corve Bridge recently.
30 The Stream Committee were looking to widen the stream at Diddlebury and wondered whether the parish council could assist with funding; the cost would be around £100. Members pointed out that the PPSG was responsible for providing money for the Stream Committee and Mr O’Boyle will contact the Group.
31 Councillor O’Boyle wondered if the council could place at least a part of its balance on current account in an interest-bearing one. The clerk will investigate (AP – clerk).
32 Councillor Longmore initiated a discussion about the involvement of young people in decisions relating to the parish, one possibility being a “junior parish council”. Councillor Mrs Fowler pointed out that the children at Corvedale School had a School Council, which was a similar idea. Councillor Longmore will develop his ideas more fully.

Next meeting
33 The next Ordinary meeting of the council will be on Wednesday 23 November 2011 at Diddlebury Village Hall. The Public Forum will start at 7 30pm and will be followed by the formal meeting.

As there was no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 9 15pm.