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Minutes 22/06/2011

July 8, 2011



A meeting of the parish council was held on Wednesday 22 June 2011 at Westhope Village Hall. 

Present:  Councillors Hedgley, Mrs Fowler, Mrs Husband, Linton, Povall, Mrs Worthington, Shropshire Councillor Mrs Motley and six members of the public. Apologies had been received from Councillors Bellamy, Longmore and Thomas.

There were no declarations of interest.

In the public forum concern was expressed about the pavement between the Moors and Mill Lane which was not wide enough for an adult with a pushchair where it crossed the bridge. Apparently Mr Adrian Wilkes (who owns Bache Mill House) was prepared to offer land to provide a footbridge. The clerk will contact Shropshire Council Highways about this (AP – clerk).

Minutes of previous meetings

1         Draft minutes of the meetings held on 25 May 2011 and 8 June 2011 had already been circulated.  In the minutes for the meeting of 25 May the date was corrected, and the first sentence of para 18 should read:” …placing of notice boards etc on public highways…”.  The clerk had re-typed the minutes of the meeting of 27 April 2011 to incorporate amendments specified in para 1of the minutes of 25 May. Subject to these amendments all three sets of minutes were approved as being correct and were signed by the Chairman.

Matters arising

2         Minutes of the meeting held on 27 April para 15: the copies of the Plan provided to members were very poor and illegible in places. The clerk said that the original which he had had to copy was not very good and the copies he had provided were the best that he could do. It was agreed that he should get legible copies from SC for distribution (AP – clerk).

3         Minutes of the meeting held on 25 May para 2: Councillor Mrs Husband had spoken to Patrick Wrigley about the “brown” signs but the question of ownership was still uncertain; para 3:  Severn Trent’s contractors had been given an additional ten days to complete the work on the B4368 and at Seifton Batch; para 14: information about flood surveys had only very recently appeared on Shropshire Council’s website;  para 16: Councillor Mrs Husband had replaced Councillor Bellamy as Chair of the Parish Plan Steering Group; para 19: the clerk had written to SC about the footpath and had received an acknowledgement.

4         Minutes of the meeting held on 8 June 2011 para 1: Members were keen for the school to compile the record of the School House and thought the Craven Arms Historical Society might be able to assist. It was agreed that in principle the parish council might provide some funding for this undertaking. Councillor Mrs Fowler agreed to liaise with the school about this.


Unitary Council Report

5         Mrs Motley said that the Transformation Agenda was nearly complete and there had been considerable alterations in the Cabinet. She was responsible for “Flourishing Shropshire Communities” which included Localism, the Big Society, LJCs and the voluntary sector. So far as the latter were concerned there were problems in rural areas like Shropshire where most organisations were small and had difficulty with back office, employment and HR functions. Furthermore many of them would find difficulty in taking on additional responsibilities.  Members were encouraged to adopt a high profile in their local communities. Town and parish councils may be asked to take on further responsibilities but this initiative was probably aimed at the larger ones. She would have more details next month.

Rural Toolkit update

6         The Chairman introduced this item and a copy of the draft consultation timetable was handed out. The toolkit meeting had gone well and there was need to work through the feedback. There was concern that there was an imbalance between the parish as a whole and those who attended the toolkit meeting, as indeed was the situation on the Parish Plan Steering Group. It might be necessary to approach people in the more outlying parts of the parish on an individual basis to join the PPSG.

7         Councillor Mrs Husband explained how the PPSG would develop the consultation process. The Group would draw up a questionnaire with additional input from the parish council and others, including the Community Council of Shropshire. Lisa Bedford from SC would also be able to help. Mrs Husband would like to see the questionnaires hand-delivered as far as was possible and also collected personally: this would, she thought, increase the response rate which she would like to see at 60% or higher. Questionnaires would be area coded. This would mean that although the individual who completed the questionnaire could not be identified the general area where he or she lived could be ascertained.

8         In answer to a question about Diddlebury as a hub Mrs Motley said that the parish would be omitted from SC’s first iteration. The Craven Arms Place Plan would be amended and references to Diddlebury as a hub would be removed. She would ensure that this was done and it would be made clear that the final Diddlebury response to the SAMDev initiative would not be ready by Autumn 2011 as was originally intended. Apparently there were a number of other parishes which would also not be in a position to give their final response within the timescale as originally envisioned.

9         Other related matters: Mrs Motley said that the CC of S had software which would assist in the analysing of data. Mrs Husband would arrange PPSG meetings so that they took place before parish council meetings and not after. It was thought that the parish council should have a higher profile in the parish and various suggestions were put forward.



10     The adjusted balance at the bank as at 18 June was £7,761.19 (adjusted balance £7,682.19).

11     The accounts for the year ending 31 March 2011 had been signed off by the internal auditor. The clerk explained the Annual Return, which had to be sent to the external auditor, and it was signed by him and the Chairman.

12     Members approved payment of an invoice for £24.00 from Diddlebury Village Hall for meetings held in March and April this year.





13     No objections were raised to proposals to erect a single storey extension and orangery to the rear of Broncroft Castle, Broncroft following the demolition of existing outbuildings and a greenhouse (11/02321/FUL and 11/02322/LBC).

14     Members also raised no objections to a proposal to erect an extension to the side of Penley Green Bache Mill (11/02397/FUL) although they were concerned to learn that there was no site notice advertising the scheme. The clerk was asked to mention this when reporting to the planning authority.

15     A scheme to erect a detached building for ancillary domestic use at Shepherd’s Barn Corfton was also considered. Members voted 5-1 not to raise any objection. Miss Wadley, the applicant, was present and answered questions from members (11/02355/FUL).

16     The clerk reported that permission had been given for extensions and alterations to 15 Corfton Bache (11/00855/FUL), Mole Hollow, Diddlebury (11/00885/FUL) and Mill House Bache Mill (11/00277/FUL).

17     Shropshire Council had told the clerk that if permission were given for the extension at Jack Clee’s Cottage the applicant would have to make a formal application to divert the footpath (11/01405/FUL).


18     The following correspondence has been received:

  • A letter from Citizen’s Advice Shropshire including an invitation to attend a conference in Birmingham on 28-30 June
  • An invitation from Age UK (formerly Age Concern and Help the Aged) to a meeting at Stone House Ludlow on 7 July
  • An email from Rural Watch to register with them to receive, inter alia, a newsletter about local issues and crime in the area. Members decided that they would take up this invitation and the clerk will take the necessary action (AP – clerk).
  • “Fieldwork” (the magazine of the CPRE).

Other matters

19     Councillor Husband was concerned about the delay in getting a copy of the council’s minutes onto the website. It was agreed that the clerk would submit draft minutes to the Chair and Deputy Chair as soon as they had been drafted (Councillor Mrs Fowler if one of these was unavailable). When they had been approved they could then appear on the website as “Notes” of the meeting. After consideration at the next meeting of the council the “Notes” could then be amended (if necessary) and retitled “Minutes” when they had been signed by the Chair.

20     Councillor Linton said the minutes of the Annual General Meeting were not considered by members till AGM of the following year. He would like to see these minutes considered at the Ordinary meeting in June following the AGM. The clerk confirmed that so far as he was aware there was no reason why this should not be done and current practice was merely one which had grown up over the years. Members agreed that the minutes of the AGM held in May 2011 be considered at the Ordinary meeting in July 2011 and in subsequent years the AGM minutes would be considered at the June Ordinary meeting.

21     The Chairman introduced a discussion about outgoing correspondence. Members agreed that the clerk should submit drafts of all such correspondence to him before they were sent.


Next meeting

22     The next Ordinary meeting of the council will be held on Wednesday 27 July 2011 at Diddlebury Village Hall. The Public Forum will be at 7 30pm and will be followed by the formal meeting.

As there was no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 9 40pm.


Minutes 08/06/2011

July 8, 2011

An extraordinary meeting of the parish council was held on Wednesday 8 June 2011 at Diddlebury Village Hall. 

Present:  Councillors Hedgley, Bellamy, Mrs Fowler, Longmore, Povall and Mrs Worthington. Also present were the Head and Chair of Governors of Corvedale School and three members of the public.

Apologies had been received from Councillors Thomas and Mrs Husband.

Councillor Mrs Fowler declared an interest in matters described in paras 1 and 2 below.


Planning – Corvedale CofE Primary School

1           The chairman introduced this item and said that it was important enough to warrant an extraordinary meeting. There was then a discussion, in which members of the public also participated, and the Chair of Governors and Head answered questions. There was general support for the scheme although the fact that it would involve the demolition of the former School House was regretted. Most accepted, however, that the house could not realistically be preserved or altered and that a scheme such as the one proposed was the only real option. It was suggested that there could be some sort of physical record of the School House in the new building eg an outline of the footprint of the house. Members would also like to see the school investing in a pictorial and memories record of the house in relation to its life as part of the school.


2           The chairman asked members whether they would support a proposal that there be no objection to the application subject to the recommendation about the physical record mentioned above. Four were in favour and one against; Councillor Mrs Fowler  abstained. The clerk was instructed to report to Shropshire Council accordingly (AP – clerk).


Bank Account

3           The clerk explained that signatories for the bank account were normally the chair, deputy chair and one other named councillor (any two to sign).


4           Accordingly, members agreed that Councillors Hedgley and Mrs Husband (Chair and vice-Chair) should be signatories. Councillor Thomas, who was already a signatory, had told the clerk that he was prepared to continue as a signatory and members approved this also. The clerk will put the necessary arrangements in hand (AP – clerk).



As there was no other business the chairman declared the meeting closed at 8 10pm.

Minutes 25/05/2011

July 8, 2011



A meeting of the parish council was held on Wednesday 25 May 2011 at Diddlebury Village Hall following the Annual Parish Meeting and the Annual General Meeting of the Parish Council.

Present:  Councillors Hedgley, Bellamy, Mrs Fowler, Mrs Husband, Linton, Longmore, Povall, Thomas, Mrs Worthington, Shropshire Councillor Mrs Motley and six members of the public.

There were no declarations of interest.

No matters were raised in the public forum.


Minutes of the previous meeting

1         Draft minutes of the previous meeting had already been circulated.  Councillor Mrs Husband proposed that the section relating to Mr Berriman’s talk and the subsequent discussion be rewritten to read as follows:

Before the formal meeting Mr Jake Berriman from Shropshire Council had been invited, at the instigation of Councillor Cecilia Motley, to speak about ‘hubs’ and ‘clusters’ and how this was a “bottom up” rather than a “top down” process ie it was for communities themselves along with their local Parish Council, rather than Shropshire Council, to determine the level of development within their settlement(s).  He talked about the ongoing programme of consultation between the Unitary Authority, Parish Councils and the wider community and especially the forthcoming Rural Toolkit event which could be used as a ‘springboard’ for the review of the Parish Plan and help formulate the future public consultation.

Public Forum

This was opened by the Chair who said that the Parish Council would not be taking questions on the ‘hub’, this led to a lively discussion in which views expressed by the members of the public present were generally hostile to the Parish Council as they felt the Parish Council should have offered some consultation before putting forward their submissions to Shropshire Council for Diddlebury to become a ‘hub’ last year.  Cllr Hedgley did explain how the Parish Council felt that they must offer some growth within the Community and hoped that, in future, consultation would take place to ensure Parishioners were being represented. The Chair also asked Mr O’Boyle a Parishioner why he had not taken up the ‘offer’ made to him at a previous meeting to come and do a presentation to the Parish Council on why he didn’t think there should be 50-100 houses in Diddlebury.  At this point Cllr Husband closed the debate by asking everyone to try and work together from this point forward and to focus on the extra consultation time now available and the work of the Parish Plan to ensure, in future, everyone would be included.

Members agreed with this amendment.  The clerk will retype the minutes of the April meeting to incorporate it. It was agreed that as the amendment had been agreed and the rest of the minutes were, also, it would be in order for them to be published on the website without delay.


Matters arising

2         Para 10: the clerk was in discussion with the planners about the AONB; para 13:  there is some doubt over the ownership of the “brown” signs at the top of Mill Lane Diddlebury and Councillors Mrs Husband and Mrs Worthington will meet when Mr Wrigley has had a chance to look at these: they also explained about the additional 30mph repeater signs on the B4368 at Diddlebury; para 15: the clerk gave members copies of the  draft Community Emergency Plan; para 16: the clerk explained that after re-reading the description of the proposed diversion of the footpath which crosses the Corvedale School playing field he was satisfied as to its correctness save that it described the new car park at the Village Hall as having a tarmac surface whereas it was in fact scalpings; para 17: the clerk was still pursuing this; para 18: Councillor Longmore was putting an item in the Corvedale News about the poor mobile phone reception in the area.


Unitary Council Report

3         Mrs Motley told members about the forthcoming Local Joint Committee planning meeting in July; the current state of the schools closure programme (two are working towards federation and one is looking to become a “free” school); the delays in  Severn Trent’s works in the B4368 and Seifton Batch and how the assurances given at a public meeting at Westhope had been broken; the recent Flood Forum meeting and the hoped-for simple guide to riparian owners’ rights and responsibilities; and the availability of grants from the Rural Challenge Fund.


Rural Toolkit and beyond

4         The Chairman introduced this item by saying that he wanted to move forward in a harmonious way and would like to have an open meeting, preferably with a representative of Shropshire Council, after the Rural Toolkit meeting. Following this a working party including representatives of the parish council, parish plan steering group, and representatives of the wider community should meet to produce a consultation document which could be put to the whole parish. When the views of the whole parish had been obtained the parish council could formulate a revised response to SC.

5         Mrs Motley said that there was no deadline for the parish council to make its final response and she would inform the SC planning department that Diddlebury wished to reconsider matters. It was important for the parish to take its time to get things right.

6         The clerk said he understood that there were 27 people who would take part in the Toolkit meeting. This figure included the nominated representatives from the parish council and Parish Plan Steering Group.


7         There was a more general discussion about the number of consultation documents emanating from SC and Mrs Motley was trying to limit this to matters which were relevant to the parishes.



8         The balance at the bank as at 14 May 2011 was £8,050.19 (no adjustment required).

9         Members approved payment of the annual subscription to the CPRE which amounted to £29.00.

10     The insurance renewal invitation had been received.  After a discussion it was decided to enter into a fresh three-year agreement through the brokers and payment of the appropriate premium for 2011-2012 of £265.00 was agreed.

11     The clerk explained that every year the council had to consider its policy on Financial Management and Internal Controls. The current policy had been drawn up in 2007. Members were satisfied that no amendments were required.


12     No objections were raised to a proposal to erect a two-storey rear extension at Jack Clee’s Cottage, Great Sutton.  Members did note, however, that a public footpath came close to the site and asked the clerk to draw the planning officer’s attention to this and to ensure that there was no obstruction of this during the works (11/01405/FUL).


Environment and Highways

13     Discussions are still proceeding about signage in Diddlebury (see “Matters Arising” above at para 2).  The B4368 through Diddlebury would be top-dressed soon.


Other Reports

14     Mrs Motley had already referred to the Flood Forum (see para 2 above). Free flood surveys were available to members of the public. Six surveys had been carried out so far by SC and there were another 58 to be done. When these had all been done anyone would be able to request a survey. This could be promoted to the parish.

15     Councillor Mrs Worthington told members that the “Buzzard” was looking to purchase a smaller vehicle in addition to their current bus.

16     Councillor Bellamy said that the Parish Plan Steering Group had three new members and four more people were interested in joining. He had been chair for nine years and under the Group’s constitution there should be two councillors on the group, one of which should be the chairman.



17     The following correspondence has been received:

  • A letter from Mr O’Boyle about misunderstandings between himself and the then chairman at previous meetings. The clerk had written to Mr O’Boyle apologising for these.
  • An email from the Craven Arms Historical Society about a new book dealing with antiquities in Diddlebury and nearby parishes
  • A letter from the Shropshire Hills AONB inviting the council to become a Friend of Shropshire Hills (at an annual subscription of £50.00). Members decided not accept this offer.
  • “Countryside Voice” (the magazine of the CPRE)


Other reports

18     Councillor Mrs Worthington had received a letter from SC about the placing of notice boards on public highways and the need for licences, insurance etc.

19     The clerk had been approached by residents of Corfton Bache about walkers inadvertently leaving the public footpath below Goosefoot and walking through several paddocks. He asked if he could write to SC about this on behalf of the council: members agreed that he could do so.





Next meeting

20     The next ordinary meeting will take place on Wednesday 22 June 2011 at Westhope Village Hall. The public forum will be at 7 30pm and will be followed by the formal meeting.



As there was no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 9 30pm.