Minutes 27/04/2011



A meeting of the parish council was held on Wednesday 27 April 2011 at Diddlebury Village Hall. 

Present:  Councillors Linton, Mrs Fowler, Hedgley, Mrs Husband, Povall, Thomas, Mrs Worthington, Shropshire Councillor Mrs Motley, and about 53 members of the public. An apology had been received from Councillor Bellamy.

There were no declarations of interest.

Before the formal meeting Mr Jake Berriman from Shropshire Council had been invited, at the instigation of Councillor Cecilia Motley, to speak about ‘hubs’ and ‘clusters’ and how this was a “bottom up” rather than a “top down” process ie it was for communities themselves along with their local Parish Council, rather than Shropshire Council, to determine the level of development within their settlement(s).  He talked about the ongoing programme of consultation between the Unitary Authority, Parish Councils and the wider community and especially the forthcoming Rural Toolkit event which could be used as a ‘springboard’ for the review of the Parish Plan and help formulate the future public consultation.


Public Forum

This was opened by the Chair who said that the Parish Council would not be taking questions on the ‘hub’, this led to a lively discussion in which views expressed by the members of the public present were generally hostile to the Parish Council as they felt the Parish Council should have offered some consultation before putting forward their submissions to Shropshire Council for Diddlebury to become a ‘hub’ last year.  Cllr  Hedgley did explain how the Parish Council felt that they must offer some growth within the Community and hoped that, in future, consultation would take place to ensure Parishioners were being represented.  Cllr  Husband closed the debate by asking everyone to try and work together from this point forward and to focus on the extra consultation time now available and the work of the Parish Plan to ensure, in future, everyone would be included.


The council then moved to the formal agenda.


Minutes of the previous meeting

1         Draft minutes of the previous meeting had already been circulated. They were approved as being correct and were signed by the Chairman.


Matters arising

2         Public forum: it was confirmed that the LJC meeting  on 20 July would discuss, inter alia, the question of sustainability; para 10: the rural toolkit meeting would be on Saturday 11 June in Corvedale School  and a notice about it was in the May edition of the Corvedale News.


Unitary Council Report

3         Mrs Motley told members about the police presence at Tuffins Car Park on Sundays during the summer; complaints from Westhope residents about Severn Trent’s works on the B4368 and in Seifton Batch; the Core Strategy and Shropshire Council’s assistance to the PPSG and the parish council; and the ”change process” at Shropshire Council which should be complete by July. She said the schools consultation was going to cabinet the following week and had been in touch with the Head of Corvedale School.


Rural Toolkit update

4         As mentioned in para 2 above the Rural Toolkit meeting would be on 11 June. Councillors Mrs Husband and Mrs Worthington would attend as parish council representatives.



5         The adjusted balance at the bank as at 31 March 2011was £5,350.19.

6         The precept for 2011/2012 of £2,650 had been paid into the bank (this is not included in the above balance).

7         Members approved payment of an invoice for £24.00 from Diddlebury Village Hall for meetings held in January and February this year.

8         The clerk explained that HMRC now required his salary to be paid net of income tax and the parish council would have to account for this tax. He would take the necessary action (AP – clerk).



9         Members did not raise any objections to applications for consent to erect a front entrance porch at Mole Hollow, Diddlebury (11/00885/FUL) nor to proposals to erect  a single storey side extension and other alterations including the installation of dormer windows at 15 Corfton Bache (11/00855/FUL).

10     The chairman referred to two recent planning applications which related to properties within the AONB and to which the parish council had objected: in both cases permission had been given. The AONB had not been consulted in either case as the current rules for referring applications to them were quite restrictive.

It was agreed that the clerk would write to Shropshire Council suggesting that where an application relates to property within the AONB and the parish council objects the matter would automatically be referred to the AONB for their views (AP – clerk).

11     Shropshire Council had asked the parish council to let them know about any revisions to their SAMDev position by the end of May but the clerk had replied to the effect that this was too early.

12     Permission has been given for a new garage block with room over at the Old Vicarage Diddlebury (10/00488/FUL), a new garage and store at Forge Cottage Westhope (11/00524/FUL) and for a new agricultural building at Corfton Farm, Corfton (11/00150/FUL). The last of these had been opposed by the parish council and the planning officer had emailed the clerk to explain how he had had regard to the parish council’s representations in the conditions attached to the consent for the development.


Environment and Highways

13     Councillors Mrs Husband and Mrs Worthington had met Chris Jackson from Shropshire Highways to discuss signs on the B4368 at Diddlebury. When the road is resurfaced (in July) some of the signs will be removed or amalgamated. “Brown” signs are privately owned and Mrs Husband will contact Mr Patrick Wrigley about those relating to Delbury Hall. She will put an article in the Corvedale News about the big 30mph signs in Mill Lane.

14     The clerk had objected to a proposal by Shropshire Council to install additional 30mph signage on the B4368 (see minutes of the March 2011meeting at para 12) but had been told that this was to be done on the insistence of the police who could not prosecute speeding drivers unless this was done.  Mrs Husband will raise this in her discussions about signage in general.


Other Reports

15     Councillor Hedgley had attended the annual Emergency Planning meeting at Shirehall on 11 April.  Matters discussed included major fires (eg involving toxic materials), pandemics and flooding. The vexed question of responsibility for roadside ditches had been raised and the answer given was that they were the responsibility of the adjoining landowner unless their primary function was to drain the highway. Shropshire Council was offering a free property flood survey (the Chairman said he had been waiting for one for some time). It might be appropriate to put a notice about this in the Corvedale News. The Community Emergency Plan had also been revised and much reduced in size and the Clerk will provide copies for all members before the next meeting (AP – clerk).



16     The following correspondence has been received:

  • SC has asked if there is to be any change in the parish council’s representative on the LJC. (It is assumed that Councillor Bellamy will continue but the clerk will check (AP – clerk)).
  • A letter from Mrs Finney objecting to the building of a large number of additional houses in the parish
  • A copy of the diversion order for the footpath which currently runs across Corvedale School playing field. Members pointed out that the description of the proposed new path appeared to be erroneous and the clerk will investigate (AP – clerk).
  • “Fieldwork” (the magazine of the CPRE).
  • The Annual Report of the Shropshire Branch of the CPRE and notification of the AGM which will be held on 12 May.
  • Details of new arrangements for the use of OS maps by parish councils
  • Information about the Shropshire Playing Fields Association.
  • Notification of the next meeting of the Flood Forum on 10 May
  • A letter from Mr O’Boyle asking for further information about the ”hub” and the composition of the council
  • Advice about sustainability, energy and carbon reduction from SC list of SC’s Community Liaison Officers
  • “Clerks and Councils Direct”


Other reports

17     Councillor Hedgley asked about the provision of notice boards at Peaton and Bouldon. The clerk said he had still received no response about this despite reminders and would investigate commercial suppliers (AP – clerk).

18     Councillor Longmore said that the mobile phone signal provided by Orange in the area, although probably the best available, was still very poor and patchy. He had complained to the company without success. It was agreed that he could do some research on this and would report back to the next meeting.


Next meeting

19     The Annual Parish Meeting will take place on Wednesday 23 May 2011at Diddlebury Village Hall, starting at 7 30pm. This will be followed by the Annual General Meeting of the parish council which will, in turn, be followed by an Ordinary meeting.




As there was no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 9 15pm.