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Minutes 23/03/2011

May 22, 2011



A meeting of the parish council was held on Wednesday 23 March 2011 at Westhope Village Hall. 

Present:  Councillors Linton, Bellamy, Mrs Fowler, Hedgley, Mrs Husband, Povall, Thomas, Mrs Worthington, Shropshire Councillor Mrs Motley, and four members of the public. An apology had been received from Councillor Longmore.

 There were no declarations of interest apart from those mentioned in para 7 below.

In the public forum it was confirmed that although the clerk had subsequently, mistakenly, stated that 50-100 houses was the minimum option for a “hub” members had been fully aware of the true position when discussing options in June 2010. Members had felt that while Diddlebury village would not benefit unless there was a “critical mass” of new development it was intended that at least some of the new housing would be in outlying settlements. A total of, say, 50 houses over fifteen years was only three or four per year but members of the public thought that this would be an unlikely scenario: a developer would not wish to build at such a slow rate. Another member of the public thought that the village would change out of all recognition if Diddlebury became a hub. Councillor Bellamy said that there would be a LJC meeting in Diddlebury on 20 July at which, no doubt, the hub concept would be discussed again. Further discussion on this topic was curtailed at this point as it was an agenda item (see para 9 below).

The council then moved to the formal agenda.

Minutes of the previous meeting

1         Draft minutes of the previous meeting had already been circulated. In the public forum section an additional sentence should appear:”A member of the public had requested hard copies of minutes. After a discussion a Member offered to provide them”.  Para 14, first sentence, should read “thefts of oil from houses in Bache Mill Lane”. Para 17: the date of the next meeting should read “23 March 2011”. Subject to these amendments the minutes were approved as being correct. The clerk will retype the last page of the minutes of that meeting to incorporate these amendments.

Matters arising

2         Para 2: the clerk had received an unsatisfactory reply from Royal Mail and would write again; para 11: the three “Diddlebury” members would meet Mr David Mason, walk the section of the B4368 within the village and produce recommendations for the removal of surplus signs (see also paras 11 and 12 below). Para 13: this had now been resolved and the outstanding balance had been repaid to the Village Hall Committee.


Unitary Council Report

3         Mrs Motley told members that the Localism Bill (currently going through Parliament) would not, in all probability, be enacted this year. There would shortly be a consultation document on the Community Infrastructure Levy. There would also be a supplementary levy on market housing which would be used for affordable housing. Community planning was under consideration but it was all very vague at the moment.

4         She said that there had been problems with the Big Society because the voluntary and community sectors would find it difficult to take on additional responsibilities if their funding was cut. Furthermore, in rural areas like Shropshire many charities were small and single issue organisations and may well not be willing to or be capable of taking on more work. The Chairman commented that he thought most people prepared to take on voluntary tasks were already involved in such activities and it would be difficult to recruit many more.



5         The balance at the bank as at 14 March 2011was £6,090.97 (no adjustment required).

6         Members approved payment of an invoice for £24.00 from Westhope Village Hall for its use for three meetings during the year and the clerk’s salary and expenses for the half year ending 31 March 2011 which amounted to £366.78.

Donations to charities and similar bodies

7         After a discussion it was agreed that the following donations be made:

  • To the Buzzard: £100.00 (Councillor Mrs Worthington declared an interest in this item)
  • To the Corvedale Rainbows, Brownies and Guides: £50.00
  • To the Shropshire branch of Citizens Advice: £100.00,
  • To Diddlebury Village Hall: £100.00 (Councillors Thomas and Mrs Worthington declared an interest in this item).



8         An application had been received for permission to construct a new kitchen and install a new septic tank at the Tally Ho Inn, Bouldon. Members recalled that they had previously objected to two applications for a change of use of the property to solely residential purposes as it was felt to be a community asset. Both of these applications had been refused. They were pleased to see that the property was to be re-opened as a public house and supported the application (11/00612/FUL).

9         There was a further discussion of the SAMDev proposals and related matters. A document entitled “Craven Arms Place Plan” had appeared on the internet which, inter alia, discussed the Diddlebury Hub in some detail. Mrs Motley explained that it was a first draft and she would be discussing it with officers the following day. Nothing had yet been finally decided. She felt that there was a disconnect between the parish council and members of the public and she had asked Jake Berriman from Shropshire Council to come to the parish council’s next meeting to talk about the hub in general. It was agreed that any questions should be submitted in writing either to her or the clerk before the meeting. A notice about this would appear in the April edition of the Corvedale News.

10     There would be a Rural Toolkit meeting, probably in June, at which this matter would be discussed.  

11     Generally, there still seemed to be confusion about the timetable for consultations on this issue and this would hopefully be sorted out soon.

Environment and Highways

12     The clerk had received an email from SC Highways about the new 30mph speed limit on the B4368 through Diddlebury village.  SC intends to install additional signage and road markings.

13     Members commented that they were endeavouring reduce the number of signs on this section of road and were unhappy with the proposals.  Accordingly the clerk was instructed to contact SC to ask for this action to be suspended pending the outcome of the survey mentioned in para 2 above.

14     There was no news about the flood monitors.

Other Reports

15     Councillor Bellamy gave further details of the Rural Toolkit meeting referred to in para 10 above. It would be attended by officers from SC and three members of the parish council. An article would appear in the May edition of the Corvedale News asking members of the public to write in if they were interested in attending and a representative sample would be invited to take part in the workshop. The date had been provisionally arranged for 11 June.

16     Councillor Mrs Worthington had attended the AGM of the Buzzard. There had been a net increase in the number of drivers but the bus was now six years old and would need replacement in the not-too-distant future


17     The following correspondence has been received:

  • A copy of the statutory speed limit order for the B4368 through Diddlebury village
  • A letter from SC about consultation about the future of Shropshire schools
  • A letter from Phillip Dunne MP enclosing a letter from the Minister for Housing and Local Government about the capping of precepts and local referendums (see minutes of meeting for 3 February at para 2). It appeared likely that most parish and town councils would be exempted under de minimis provisions.
  • An email from SC about changes to the mobile library service
  • A letter and email from companies offering planning and related services to parish councils
  • A letter from the Leader of Shropshire Council about the Big Society, working together with parish and town councils, and revision of the parish and town council charter.
  • Notice from SC of changes to the Development Management service. In particular automatic referral of planning applications where the parish council’s views differed from those of the SC officer would cease.
  • Corvedale School intends to build a new school hall and Members were invited to see the plans for this on 29 March
  • A letter from Mr T O’Boyle asking for information about the Diddlebury hub


Next meeting

18     The next ordinary meeting will take place on Wednesday 27 April at Diddlebury Village Hall. The meeting will start at 7 00pm with a talk from Mr Jake Berriman, be followed by the public forum at 7 30pm and then the formal meeting.

As there was no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 9 40pm.