Minutes 25/08/10



A meeting of the parish council was held on Wednesday 25 August 2010 at Diddlebury Village Hall. 

Present:  Councillors Linton, Thomas, Povall and Mrs Worthington, Shropshire Councillor Mrs Motley and Mr Peter Dunhill (Regeneration Officer at Shropshire Council).   Apologies had been received from Councillors Bellamy, Mrs Fowler, Hedgley and Longmore.

There were no declarations of interest.

Minutes of the previous meeting

1         Draft minutes of the previous meeting had already been circulated. They were approved as being correct and were signed by the Chairman.

Matters arising

2         Following the resignation of Councillor Ms Bownes the clerk contacted Shropshire Council to set in motion the statutory procedures for filling the vacancy. A notice was posted on the Diddlebury Village Hall notice board giving details of the requirements for an election to be held.  As there had been no such request within the statutory period the council will co-opt another member. This has to be done “as soon as reasonably practicable”

A notice will appear in the September edition of the Corvedale News inviting those who might be interested in becoming a councillor to approach either the Chairman or the clerk before the end of September.  Details of the vacancy were also on the SC website.

Members agreed that an extraordinary meeting be held on Wednesday 13 October to interview the applicants.

3         Para 2:  the clerk has written to Severn Trent but has not yet received a reply; para 8: the clerk has emailed Shropshire Council accordingly; para 18: Mrs Motley and the clerk have corresponded about this matter; para 20: this has been done.


Unitary Council Report

4         This was given by Councillor Motley and Mr Dunhill.  Members and officials were waiting for the government announcement on 23 October before making final decisions about cuts and the “transformation agenda”. There is to be an investment of £6m in Church Stretton, Bridgenorth and Ludlow, and £500,000 in the smaller market towns.

5         “Hubs and clusters” were discussed, especially in the light of Diddlebury’s request to be a “hub”. There could be disadvantages for parishes which are neither hubs nor in a cluster.  It was suggested that there should be talks with Culmington.

6         The “Rural Toolkit” was also discussed: there would appear to be considerable overlap with Parish Plans. It was decided that this initiative be discussed at the next meeting of the council.

7         Mrs Motley said she was no longer responsible for Children and Young People but was now in charge of a new section dealing with Rural Affairs.



8         The balance at the bank as at 14 August 2010 remained unchanged at £6,576.02.

Environment and Highways

9         The clerk reminded members that the B4368 at Aston Munslow was to be closed for five days from 27 September between the hours of 9am and 4pm. A request for single lane working had been turned down because of the size of the equipment involved. There would be single lane working at Beambridge for five days starting on

13 September. 

10     Extra solar powered lights had now been installed in the Broad Walk at Diddlebury. Chris Jackson had looked again at the flooding risk at Patch House and thought that matters would be greatly improved now that the bridge over Pye Brook had been unblocked.  He had asked for information about a small area of land immediately to the south of Patch House: members thought it might not belong to anyone or, alternatively, be in the ownership of David Brick.



11     The following correspondence has been received:

  • A newsletter from the Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust.
  • Correspondence about the Rural Toolkit (see also para 6 above).
  • “An Introduction to the West Mercia Police Authority”.
  • Information about the Government’s proposal “The Community Right to Build”.
  • A letter about a new consultation about Community Involvement in Shropshire.  This will be an agenda item at the next meeting of the council.
  • “Fieldwork” (the journal of the CPRE)


Draft parking strategy for Shropshire consultation documents

12     Members pointed out that there are inconsistencies in the proposed car parking charges in Ludlow, and also queried whether the Enforcement Officers would monitor “Park and Ride” car parks. The clerk will raise these points with SC.

New Standing Orders

13     The National Association of Local Councils had produced a new set of model Standing Orders for parish councils. The clerk, in conjunction with the chairman, had made some modifications to these and this revised version had been circulated before the meeting.  Councillor Mrs Worthington proposed that the Orders as amended be adopted by the council forthwith and this was seconded by Councillor Thomas. The motion was approved unanimously.  The new Orders were signed by the Chairman.

Other matters

14     Councillor Mrs Fowler had emailed to point out that the inside of the bus shelter at Corfton was covered with brambles and ivy. The clerk said he would have a look at it (AP – clerk).

15     Mrs Fowler also pointed out that the speed limit sign at the bottom of Bache Mill had been damaged. The clerk will take this up with Chris Jackson.





Next meeting

16     The next ordinary meeting of the council will be on Wednesday 22 September at Westhope Village Hall. The public forum will be at 7 30pm and will be followed by the formal meeting.

As there was no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 9 15pm.