Minutes 28/07/10



A meeting of the parish council was held on Wednesday 28 July 2010 at Diddlebury Village Hall. 

Present:  Councillors Linton, Bellamy, Mrs Fowler, Hedgley, Longmore, Povall and Mrs Worthington.  An apology had been received from Shropshire Councillor Mrs Motley.  

Save for the matters described in para 4 below there were no declarations of interest.

Before the agenda was considered the Chairman read a letter which he had received from Councillor Ms Bownes who was resigning her membership of the council with immediate effect.  This was due to the pressure of other commitments.  Members expressed their regrets and the Chairman will write to Ms Bownes accordingly (AP – Chairman).   The clerk will start the statutory and other procedures involved when such a vacancy arises (AP – clerk).

Minutes of the previous meeting

1         Draft minutes of the previous meeting had already been circulated.  In para 11 “extensive refurbishment works” should read  “necessary repairs”.  Subject to this amendment the draft minutes were approved as being correct and were signed by the Chairman.

Matters arising

2         Para 9 of the minutes of the previous meeting:  Councillor Hedgley had been in touch with Shropshire Councillor Mrs Motley and would have a meeting with her in a week’s time; para 14: the clerk had commissioned this work;  Para 15:  Severn Trent had sent a rather generalised letter to the clerk about Seifton Batch.  The clerk was asked to obtain further details (AP – clerk).  Para 16: there is a notice is in the August edition of the Corvedale News.


3         The balance at the bank as at 14 July 2010 was £6,576.02 (no adjustment required).


4         No objections were raised to proposal to change of use of a garage/workshop to commercial use for the processing of apples to make cider and juice at the Old Hen and Ferret Cottage, Great Sutton (10/02521/COU).  Councillor Mrs Fowler expressed a personal interest in this application as she was a friend of the owner.

5         No objections were raised to a request for permission to remove two trees in the Diddlebury Conservation Area at “Solaria”, Mill Lane (10/03202/TCA).

6         Members were concerned that the documentation relating to an application for consent to erect an agricultural building at the Coach House Great Sutton was potentially misleading as it made no mention of the recent application for a substantial extension and garage block at the same property.  The council had raised no objection to this earlier application and Shropshire Council had just given consent for it(10/01524/FUL).  They also noted that an application relating to a similar agricultural building to the one now proposed, albeit very much larger, had been submitted in 2007 and the parish council had objected to the proposal(1/07/19828/F).  That application had  been withdrawn.

Having considered the matter thoroughly members decided to object to this new application on the grounds that it was overdevelopment of the site (10/02796/FUL).

7         Consent has been given for the demolition of a Nissen Hut and erection of  a garage at Blacksmiths Cottage Corfton (10/01460/LBC and 10/01461/FUL). Applications for consent for internal and external alterations and a two storey extension to the same property have been withdrawn (10/01442/FUL and 10/01443/LBC).

8         The Head of Development Management at Shropshire Council had written to the clerk about improvements to the Planning website.  The letter also asked if parishes would accept electronic service of certain documents, including details of planning applications.  The clerk was happy with most of this but thought the council would probably prefer planning applications to be supplied in hard copy unless or until the broadband provision in the outlying parts of the parish was improved.  Various ways of working round this were discussed but members decided that the clerk should respond by drawing attention to the poor broadband coverage in the area and hence the need for the supply of hard copies of these documents (AP – clerk).


Environment and Highways

9         Councillor Mrs Worthington had (with the approval of Shropshire Council Highways Department) removed a Bikers warning notice at the top of Mill Lane Diddlebury which was obstructing visibility.

10     The chairman considered that now that the speed limit on the B4368 had been reduced to 30 mph the 30mph signs at the west end of Mill Lane which were facing Mill Lane were now redundant and potentially misleading.  Other members agreed and the clerk will approach Shropshire Highways about this (AP – clerk).

11     The B4368 at Munslow is to be closed from 27 September to 1 October 2010 (inclusive)for drainage and carriageway resurfacing, between the hours of 0900 and 1600.  Members were concerned that this would affect buses and other vehicles taking children home from Corvedale School and the clerk was to enquire as to whether single lane working would be possible (AP – clerk).

Other Reports

12     Councillor Bellamy  gave a report on the recent Local Joint Committee meeting which had been held at Mr Teague’s farm at Munslow .  There had been demonstrations of various craft and other traditional and conservation activities.  The meeting had also discussed winter gritting which would now be considered by the Scrutiny Committee.  As a result of the prolonged dry spell evidence of Iron Age farms had become visible at Beambridge.  There had been various grants to local groups and organisations, but there would be “significant cuts” for 2011/2012.

13     The Chairman had attended a recent meeting of the Flood Forum.  The prime purpose had been the gathering of information about the flooding in 2007 and 2008.  Parish councils (including Diddlebury) had supplied a considerable amount of information to the former South Shropshire District Council but this seemed to have disappeared at the Unitary Authority.

14     Councillor Bellamy reported that an attempt to recruit new members to the Parish Plan Steering Group had met with a nil response.  The Group, however, were pressing ahead with their work and were considering a Design Statement for the parish.  They were trying to retrieve figures on housing projections which had been prepared by the former SSDC.


Footpath across the playing field at Corvedale School

15     The clerk had been approached by Mr John Farley about a diversion of the public footpath which ran across the extension to the playing field at Corvedale School.   Subsequently he (together with Mr Farley) had attended a meeting at the school where this matter was discussed. The path had been diverted as a temporary measure pending a more permanent arrangement which would be the subject of a Diversion Order, and the school were in discussion with the Countryside Access Team at SC about this.  This permanent diversion would remove nearly all of the footpath from the school’s land.

16     Members were generally supportive of these  proposals which were intended to increase the security of children at the school.


17     The following correspondence has been received:

  • Notification  of consultation documents about: the Shropshire Homelessness Action Plan and the Draft Shropshire Parking Strategy
  • “Spotlight on the Shropshire Economy” – a report inviting comments on various questions
  • Minutes of the meeting of the SSAPTC held on 26 April 2010
  • “Clerks and Councils Direct”
    • A request for parish and community magazines to publish a document publicising the forthcoming update to the Register of Electors.

18     It was noted that the Shropshire Economy document was 169 pages plus appendices and  the Parking Strategy document nearly 100 pages.  Members felt that it was unreasonable to expect them to read and answer questions arising from what was becoming a continuous flow of such consultation papers.   Many had little relevance to the parish and/ or were on subjects about which they had little expertise, but, at the same time they wished to be kept informed about these matters. They noted that the recent paper “Planning for a flourishing Shropshire” which they had considered related primarily to the Craven Arms LJC area and was only 16 pages long.  The clerk was asked to contact Shropshire Councillor Mrs Motley to enquire whether it was possible for parish councils to receive abbreviated reports which were much more focussed on geographical areas of concern to themselves (AP – clerk).

19     In connection with the last item members noted that the Shropshire Council newsletter was issued free to every household and there was a cost involved to the Corvedale News if such publicity material was inserted there on a regular basis.  Again, the clerk will write to Mrs Motley about this (AP – clerk).

Other matters

20     In the past members had complained that signs relating to parties and other events were left out long after the events themselves had taken place.  The clerk was asked to place a notice in the Corvedale News about this (AP – clerk).

21     Councillor Mrs Worthington said that following a recent problem with parking at the Village Hall the PCC would place a notice on both of the church notice boards drawing wedding parties’ attention to the possibility of using the Village Hall car park.

Next meeting

22     The next Ordinary meeting of the council will be at Diddlebury Village Hall on Wednesday 25 August 2010.  The Public Forum will be at 7 30pm and followed by the formal meeting.

As there was no further business the chairman declared the meeting closed at 9 25pm.