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Diddlebury parish council meeting 24/02/2010

April 23, 2010

A meeting of the parish council was held on Wednesday 24 February 2010 at Diddlebury Village Hall. 

Present:  Councillors Linton, Bellamy, Ms Bownes, Mrs Fowler, Hedgley, Longmore, Povall, Thomas and Mrs Worthington, Shropshire Councillor Mrs Motley, and two members of the public.

Minutes of the previous meeting

1        Draft minutes of the previous meeting had already been circulated. Councillor Mrs Fowler’s name had inadvertently been omitted from the list of those present. Subject to this amendment the minutes were approved as being correct and were signed by the Chairman.

Matters arising

2        Para 10:  the LJC will review Shropshire Council’s approach to adverse weather conditions at their next meeting.  Clee St Margaret’s parish council has written a letter to the LJC broadly supporting the views of this council.

Unitary Council Report

3        Mrs Motley told members that SC were looking again at the policies for dealing with adverse weather conditions.  She was sorry to say that SC were not at present prepared to erect a mirror at the junction of Bache Mill with the B4368.  Members were most unhappy about this and the clerk was instructed to write a strong letter to her pointing out the need for such a mirror (AP – clerk).

4        The final draft of the Core Strategy plans had been published (see also para 7 below).  In general it was a much less prescriptive than the old SSDC policy.  In rural areas there would be “clusters” of parishes and Culmington would probably be the “hub” for this purpose locally.  It was important that parish plans be utilised in discussions over future development. Consequently the Parish Plan Steering Group was invited to revisit the existing plan to ensure that it correctly reflects the aspirations of the Parish.

5        There would be a review of LJCs soon: it was thought that at 28 the number was probably too high. 


6        The bank balance as at 14 February 2010 was £5,636.91 (adjusted figure £5,630.91)


7        As mentioned in para 4 above the Core Strategy Final Plan document had been published.  There was an opportunity to make representations but these could only be on the grounds of “soundness” ie whether the document had legal flaws, whether it was evidence based, whether it complied with regional policy and whether if was practical.  Members decided that they did not wish to make any representations in this connection.

8        Planning consent has been given for the new outdoor classroom at Corvedale Primary School, Diddlebury (09/03633/FUL).




Other reports

9        Councillor Mrs Fowler told members that Corvedale pre-School and Playgroup were hoping to create facilities for the care of the under-2s in a portakabin building which would be sited to the rear of Corvedale School.  This has the support of the school and, in principle, Shropshire Council.  The group were currently looking for funding.

It was agreed that the clerk should write a letter of support for the scheme  (AP – clerk).

10     Councillor Bellamy gave a report about the last LJC meeting.  The Committee was preparing a report about the state of rural roads, many of which were completely inadequate for the demands of modern traffic. He also gave details of grants which the LJC had made recently.

11    The Parish Plan Steering Group’s next meeting would be addressed by John Hannay who would talk about creating energy in an environmentally-friendly way.

12    Councillor Hedgley had attended a meeting of the Resilience Forum (formerly known as the Emergency Planning briefing).  He handed out leaflets about what to do in an emergency.  As before, the emphasis had largely been on self-help.  There had also been an update on swine flu. There were no enterprises being carried on within Diddlebury parish which were considered to pose potentially serious hazards.



13    The following correspondence has been received:

  •  A letter from ShropshireLink about progress so far.
  • A letter from Phillips &  Co (solicitors) enclosing the revised Transfer document relating to the strip of land purchased by Diddlebury Village Hall Committee (see minutes of the meeting held on 20 January 2010 at para 12).  It was signed by the Chairman and vice-Chairman.
  • A newsletter from the Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust
  • Details of the proposed reduction of the speed limit on the B4368 through Diddlebury from 40mph to 30mph.  Members did not wish to make any observations on this proposal
  • A report from SC Highways about flooding in Peaton Strand and near to Patch House.  (see para 14 below)
  • A letter from SC regretting the non-attendance of a member from this council at the recent Emergency Planning Briefing (in fact Councillor Hedgley did attend this meeting: see para  12 above).
  • An invitation to members of the council to attend a black tie dinner at the Coach House, Delbury Hall, in support of SOCS (Support our Corvedale School)


Highway Flooding

14    The chairman had met Chris Jackson from SC Highways and they had looked at Peaton Strand and the Peaton-Ludlow road near Patch Cottage.  Mr Jackson wants to put a new drain into the brook at Peaton Strand and asked if the council knew the name of the landowner concerned.  It is thought that the land belongs to Mr R Clinton and the clerk will tell Mr Jackson (AP – clerk).

15    At Patch Cottage a tree has come down near to the outfall from the road drain, and this is to be removed.  Mr Jackson thinks this should help matters but pointed out that if the brook were to be in full flood water would back up onto the highway because of the relative levels of the brook and the highway.  

16    The last sentence of the previous paragraph implied to members that there was a fundamental problem with drainage here which could not be readily resolved.  Accordingly they asked the clerk to reiterate the council’s original request for a depth of flooding marker post to be placed at this point.  Councillor Thomas also pointed out that the concrete bridge a little further down the brook was blocked and this would encourage backing up of water in times of heavy rain (AP – clerk).

17    Whilst discussing this members asked when the additional safety lights were to be installed on the Broad Walk.  The clerk will take this up with SC (AP – clerk).

Other matters

18    Councillor Bellamy said that the PPSG would get together with other parishes and discuss future development proposals.  Two volunteers had come forward to assist with the Parish Design Statement.

19    Councillor Bellamy also reported on the work to provide an access to Church Cottage from the other side of the brook at Diddlebury. Large vehicles had left the track alongside the stream, and Mill Lane itself, very muddy and the contractors were now clearing this up on a daily basis.

20    Councillor Hedgley had inspected the land to the south of Diddlebury Hall, with Mr C Thomas who lives at Church Farm.  Mr Thomas was concerned about run-off from the car parking area affecting his property and produced some photographs.  Also accompanying Mr Thomas was a structural engineer.  Both the engineer and Councillor Hedgley advised Mr Thomas to monitor the situation.  It was thought that some of the problem might arise from water running down the access to the school from the school playground.

21    Councillor Mrs Worthington said that the Parochial Church Council considered the “Parish Council’s” seat in the churchyard close to the north east corner of the church building to be in a dilapidated condition and asked the parish council to do something about it.  The clerk had researched this matter and found that the seat had been installed in 1974, having been purchased by the parish council and the Diddlebury Village Hall Committee.  It seemed possible, to put it no higher, that the intention had been to give the seat to the PCC. He had looked at the seat that morning and thought it was probably not worth repairing.

22    Members decided that they had no interest in maintaining the seat, not least because they had placed a seat on the Broad Walk near the lych gate three years ago which was well used by visitors and others.  The clerk was asked to write to the PCC accordingly (AP – clerk).

22a  Members’ attention was drawn to the proposed “Charter for Shropshire Councils”.  It

        was agreed that this should be discussed at the next meeting of the council.

Next meeting

23    The next ordinary meeting of the council will be on Wednesday  24 March 2010 at Westhope Village Hall. The Public Forum will start at 7 30pm and be followed by the formal meeting.

As there was no further business the chairman  declared the meeting closed at 9 10pm.